Happy Starts With ALPO®: A Taste Test!

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALPO® Brand Dog Food for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my happy dog, Ali. Why is Ali so happy? No, it’s not because he’s spoiled rotten (which he is), it’s because he’s healthy. A big part of that health is because he eats very well – arguably better than we do!

Ali is an older Boxer – 11 years, which is 77 in dog years. Because he’s older, I’m much more mindful to feed him good, nutritious dog food whenever possible. It’s a combination of dry food and wet food, but when it’s wet food (his favorite), it’s ALPO®.

The folks at ALPO® asked me to let Ali try some of their wet foods – specifically their Chop House Chucks in Gravy and their Homestyle Prime Cuts in Gravy. 

What’s nice about ALPO® wet dog food is that it’s 100% complete and balanced and has quality ingredients, like healthy protein sources, wholesome grains and accents of vegetables. That recipe contributes to a complete and balanced diet for each life stage of your dog (young and old!). Like ALPO® says – and I agree – a healthy dog is a happy dog!

For our pooch’s taste test, we picked up three ALPO® flavors: Chop House Rotisserie Chicken, Chop House T-Bone Steak, and Homestyle Prime Cuts Turkey & Bacon. I know what you’re thinking: Since when did dog food suddenly become so delicious sounding?!

My husband said the Chop House flavors – with big chunks of meat – look and sound good enough to eat by himself. (I dared him to put it to the test, but he said “we don’t let Ali beg for our food, so we probably shouldn’t beg for his.” As if he was going to share anyway!)

So what did our pooch think of his dinner? If the picture below is any indication, it’s pretty safe to say HE LOVED IT! For more information about ALPO® dog foods, feel free to check out ALPO'S HOMEPAGE or ALPO’s Facebook Page!

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  1. A healthy dog is a very happy dog indeed. He sure looks like he is digging into that Alpo

  2. I don’t have a dog, but my parents’ dog is such a picky eater, so it’s often hard to get her to pack in her daily nutrition. I’ll have to let them know about this particular product so they can try it out with her and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing your experience! What a cute pooch!

  3. I love your dog. I bet he even gets some scraps around the house once in awhile as well.

  4. Wow, you can see he is healthy by that lovely shiny coat!

  5. Ali is such a cutie and seems pretty happy about his Alpo!

  6. I have cats now, but I used to have a Chow-Boxer mix named Bronx. Ali looks a little like him. A healthy pet is definitely a happy pet. 😉

  7. What a cutie. 🙂 The tastes sure sound delicious.. I would probably be curious about trying them myself, too! haha

  8. Awww, I love your dog! Beautiful!! In the last one, he looks like he’s saying “can we stop with the pictures and just let me eat, pretty please?” My dogs get that look too when I’m trying to get pictures of them waiting for treats.

  9. He looks like such a great buddy 🙂 I miss having a dog! I think we’ll probably get one once the kids get bigger. I’ve always lived in a dog-friendly household!

  10. You dog is beautiful! He has a very shiny coat too! I’ll have to try out Alpo for my dog and see how she likes it!

  11. Ali does intend look happy and healthy! It is amazing what a good dog food will do.

  12. Ali is a cute super cute boxer. I love that coloring. I’m so jealous, we tried to get a boxer by my 3 year old is so scared of big dogs. Love him extra for those of us who aren’t so blessed.

  13. Awww I just adore your pooch! I love the look on his face in each pic, it reminds me of our ole dog whom I miss to pieces. This sounds like a great food for dogs, I like that I can see what is in it instead of just a bunch of mushy stuff!

  14. What a cutie! Looks like a very high quality of food, you can tell by his coat.

  15. What a cute dog! I love how he is posing for the camera!

  16. Melissa Smith says:

    He does indeed look very healthy & happy for his age!

  17. I used to feed my dogs Alpo when I was young, it was very affordable and they seemed to like it. The only reason I don’t use Alpo now is my dogs have food allergies so they require a special dog food. Great post and your puppy is so cute

  18. What a beautiful dog! He does look great for his age! We feed our dog just dry dog food, but might consider adding some wet dog food like Alpo to his diet for some healthy variation!

  19. What a sweet little face! I want to keep him!

  20. Beautiful dog! I love Brindles! He really does look healthy!

  21. Collecting all this info as my son may get a dog in November. He has to sign a contract first though!

  22. What a pretty dog!! He looks happy and healthy! Alpo has always been a great dog food!!

  23. Awww! He looks so happy and cute!When we had a dog, Turner, we fed him Alpo wet food!

  24. What a happy looking puppy! It looks like he is enjoying his food, there is a shiny bowl there!

  25. What a handsome guy! I’ve never tried this food for my dog, but I’ll have to look for it the next time I’m out – I love when pet food looks like real food. It makes me feel better about what I’m feeding my pets. 🙂

  26. What a gorgeous dog! Glad he liked his supper and joined the clean bowl club.

  27. Love that dog!! We had a boxer & he loved alpo, too. 🙂

  28. i don’t have a dog but i do feed some street dogs in india. not sure if alpo is here though

  29. Awww….your dog is such a cutie!

  30. For sure you have a happy doggy with Alpo. These are yummy treats for them!

  31. We’ve never tried this brand, but I’m sure my dog would love it!

  32. Beautiful dog! Alpo sure made him healthy and happy!

  33. He’s Happy Healthy and WELL LOVED for sure…we don’t have a dog now but I have family that swear by Alpo food too!!!

  34. We do love to spoil our dogs don’t we,,, and if they are happy we are happy… Thanks for sharing Alpo, so have to check it out

  35. Your dog is so cute!

  36. Love your dog and he seemed to really like it. We love Alpo, as well!

  37. Ali is so handsome! He clearly is healthy. I haven’t ever given my almost 7 year old dog wet food but your photos are making me think she is missing out!

  38. I’ll have to recommend this to my mom for her dog!

  39. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Very cute pooch! I bet my dog would also love that dog food!

  40. My daughter, who loves dogs, can’t get enough of the cute pictures of yours. Thanks for sharing!

  41. Your dog is beautiful! All my dogs love wet food but we use it more as a treat with the dry food.

  42. What an adorable dog, my girls love wet food. I just dont love the after effects (stinky dog gas) we have tried many different ones but the same result

  43. Cute dog! I don’t have a dog but I’ve heard this is a great brand!

  44. Elisebet F says:

    We have cats not dogs, but we’d like to get one when we have a yard and more space. I’d never heard of this brand until recently, but looks like your doggie loves it!

  45. A healthy dog is definitely a happy dog. We have never tried the Alpo brand with our dogs.

  46. I love Boxers! Glad he is happy :).

  47. He looks so happy & great picture taker!

  48. Awww sweet dog! My dog loves Alpo!

  49. Your dog is super cute!! Both of mine love Alpo :p

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