What Type of Winter Olympian Will Your Little One Become?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Marpac. All opinions are my own.

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My husband and I often wonder what our three year old will grow up to be. Of course, if you ask her right now, she’d tell you she wants to be a nurse, or an astronaut, or a pirate. Every now and then, when you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she’ll wisely pout, “But I don’t wanna grow up!” Smart girl.

But if you’ve ever seen her surf down the stairs on a couch cushion (I almost died when I saw that) or take a flying leap onto her bean bag chair, you know she’s a daredevil. With that fearless attitude in mind – and with the Winter Olympics in full swing – she might just grow up to be an Olympic gold medalist!

It’s still too early to guess which Olympic event she’ll excel at (I’m crossing my fingers for figure skating, my husband is hoping for snowboarding), but the folks at Marpac are asking parents the same question:

What type of Winter Olympics athlete might your child grow up to be?

Marpac is a leading manufacturer of sound conditioners (those cool machines that play sounds to help you fall asleep) and a proud proponent for serious sleep. Their question above is part of Marpac’s “Big Dreams, Serious Sleep” campaign. Visit Marpac’s Facebook page to answer the question above about your own future Olympian.

Marpac will choose three winners each day during the Olympics (February 7-23 – that’s 51 winners!), and each will receive a Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle, which includes Marpac’s white noise machine (the Dohm-NSF), a children’s storybook and a sleep 101 brochure. At the end of the campaign, one grand prize winner will receive a $250 Toys “R” Us gift card.

Good luck … and sweet dreams!



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