Tea Time! Turning Bigelow Tea into #AmericasTea

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My husband is a coffee lover. More accurately, he’s a coffee addict. I, on the other hand, am more of a tea lover. Oh sure, I enjoy a hot cup of coffee now and then (or a cold cup of coffee, right moms?), but tea hits the spot much better than a cup of joe. Although almost any tea will do – regular, decaf, fruit flavored, hot or cold – my go-to brand is Bigelow Tea.

I trace my loyalty back to my mother, who always seemed to have at least four varieties of Bigelow’s herbal teas on hand. Today, I enjoy it as jump-starter in the morning, but it also helps me unwind at the end of a long, hard day – which is just about every day!

What I like most about Bigelow Tea is the vast selection of teas they offer. One stop in the tea section at your local Walmart will show you what I’m talking about. See my whole shopping trip here.

I also like that the tea can be used in many different ways other than the usual hot and cold stress-reliever. Don’t believe me? Check out the “Recipes” section of the Bigelow website to find ways to use tea in beverages, dessert, snacks and main courses. When you combine the different flavors with the many different ways to enjoy them, there are hundreds of different reasons why Bigelow Tea is the right choice!

For our recent Fourth of July celebration, I whipped up two delicious Bigelow Tea recipes: a Green Tea Fruit Medley Smoothie and fun Fruit Tea Wigglers for the kids.

For the Green Tea Fruit Medley Smoothie, all you need is vanilla yogurt, mixed fruit, pineapple juice, and Bigelow Green Tea.

bigelow tea

After combining the four key ingredients in the blender along with some ice (see recipe here), the smoothie is ready and so refreshing on a hot summer day!

bigelow tea

The Fruit Tea Wigglers are very simple to make (see recipe here). Just use Red Raspberry Herb Tea (caffeine free for the kids), gelatin (choose a flavor that pairs well with the raspberry tea), and gummy worms.


After the gelatin is set, top with whipped cream and a few more gummy worms, and you’ve got a fun Fourth of July dessert the whole family will love!

bigelow tea

For updates and news about Bigelow Tea, feel free to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or their blog. And for more ideas on how to add Bigelow tea to your summer plans, check out the handy e-guide linked below!

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  1. The green tea fruit smoothie sounds very refreshing! I too love bigelow’s tea among others, their varieties are vast and the tea is very affordable which I love because deep down I am a cheapskate 🙂

  2. That’s awesome. I’m not a tea drinker, but my husband is. I’d never considered using his tea selection to make other things!

  3. How super cute are those recipes!! Love it!

  4. I never thought of making a smoothie with tea… I am an avid tea drinker so these are awesome for me. Thank you

  5. I am a huge fan of the raspberry zinger! Thank you for the green tea smoothie recipe too.

  6. Savannah miller says:

    I have never tried Raspberry zinger, but after seeing that super cute Jello recipe idea I’m def. going to be giving it a try!!

  7. Yum! I love any chance to use fresh berries. Green tea is my favorite as well and I love the flavors Bigelow Tea offers.

  8. I have seen this in the store but I have not tried it. Thanks for the review the Raspberry sounds great.

  9. Great idea on the green tea smoothie – I had never thought of that!

  10. thanks for the great recipes. The smoothie looks really good. I really like green tea.

  11. Heather says:

    Wow I didn’t know there were so many things you could make with tea! Thanks for sharing

  12. What fun treats for the 4th of July! I really like the one that uses Bigelow Tea and the Jello…it inspires me to give something like that a try.

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