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Today I’m linking up with Tammy’s Two Cents‘ Summer Flashback – a way to take it easy during the summer with a blog entry that whisks you back to summers past. This week, we’re talking about our favorite childhood TV shows. Feel free to link up below!

My favorite childhood TV shows are the classic cartoons – Dumbo’s Circus, the Jetsons, Mickey Mouse (you know the crazy ones), Scooby Doo and the Flinstones. Then as I got a little older, I started watching Hey Dude, You Can’t Do that on Television, Full House, Who’s the Boss, and Days of Our Lives (my grandma used to watch it every day when she babysat us and so began my love affair with soap operas).

What were your favorite childhood shows?

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  1. Papa Don't Preach says:

    I watched a lot of the PBS shows like “3-2-1 Contact”, “Mr. Wizard’s World” and the “Electric Company”. Do they still have “learning is fun” shows like that anymore for older kids (7-12 years)? I really hope so.

  2. Do you remember that show small wonder? Where the girl was a Robot? LOL Well I LOVED JEM. (I still watch the reruns on HUB…). I loved Beverly Hills Teens (I only have one other friend that can remember that great show) As I grew up It was all about Beverly Hills 90210

  3. FUN!!! I didn’t know that you like DOOL, too! Do you still watch?? My Grandma, Mom & Aunt have watched for YEARS… and so have I 🙂

    • Momma on the Rocks Momma on the Rocks says:

      I actually haven’t watched it in years. I stopped when they took off all the veterans. I heard they came back on though. I watch GH mostly now.

  4. I think that is how I became a soap fan too…but it was my mom instead. 🙂

  5. heather says:

    My family were DOOL watchers too! I can still remember when Bo and Hope got married! I remember coming home from school and watching He-man. Lol. I remember the shows Papa referred to above also. I loved watching cartoons early Saturday mornings when cartoons were good! Does anyone remember Schoolhouse Rock?

  6. I love my cartoons! I STILL watch them, lol.

  7. My favorite show was the smurfs. I loved that show!

  8. Momma on the Rocks Momma on the Rocks says:

    Aww the Smurfs were great! I love the movie.

  9. Full house was my favorite! Love this link up!

  10. What a great link up! I used to love watching Bosom Buddies with my Dad when I was really young. It was then that I fell head over heels for Tom Hanks! I also liked You Can’t Do That On Television. In high school I loved My So Called Life. I recently found this running on some cable channel on the weekends, so was very excited!

  11. I’m a DOOL fan too–over 20 yrs. now–how sad is that?! And I forgot about the Jetsons! Thanks for the fun blast to the past 😉

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