What Would You Do With An Extra Hour?

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Welch’s. I received product samples to facilitate my review, and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

share what's good

One of my favorite holidays each year happens on November 3. No, that’s not the day I raid my daughter’s Halloween candy for the last remaining peanut butter cups (that’s November 4), it’s the end of daylight savings time. In other words, I get an extra hour to do with as I please.

While I’m tempted to do something selfish with those precious 60 minutes (a one hour bubble bath perhaps?), I’d really like to spend that hour doing something special with my family. Maybe we’ll go for a stroll in the park or roll around in a pile of leaves. Or maybe we’ll stay indoors and bake some cookies or raid the craft bin to create some fun fall decorations. Whatever we end up doing, I can guarantee you it’ll be an hour well spent.

I’m not alone in my goal to creating fun times with my family. Welch’s – the folks with the delicious juices and jellies – believes in the magic of “kitchen table” moments and goes out of their way to help families create more of them.

That goal is the thinking behind a new Welch’s campaign called “Share What’s Good™.” To support it, they’ve even created a Share What’s Good website that’s jam packed with fun family ideas and recipes. The site also lets you share your own “what’s good” family photos and check out the moments other families have shared.

To help inspire you to “Share What’s Good” about your family, Welch’s has created the “Share Your Moments” photo contest. Until October 25, families can visit ShareWhatsGood.com to upload a photo of their favorite family moment. At the end of the contest, one lucky family will in $5,000!

In addition to entering the contest, feel free to post your photos on Twitter or Instagram along with the #sharewhatsgood hashtag. And for updates, announcements and other fun things from Welch’s, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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  1. Love that Welch’s is encouraging families to spend time to together! I also really love their grape jelly! 🙂

  2. We live in Arizona, so we don’t follow the Daylight Savings Rules. But I do love that my kids go to bed a little earlier now that it gets dark earlier. I’ll take that extra hour for relaxing on the couch 🙂

  3. Ah, an extra hour! Sleep, or be silent. Either is high on my list!

  4. I would love to spend the extra hour hanging out and playing some fun game with my kids.

  5. I PVR all my shows and wait till the kids are in bed to watch them…

  6. I think I’m moving to Arizona… I love the extra hour, but hate that it takes my 7 year old with Autism almost 2 weeks to get into the new routines and reset his body clock…

  7. What would I do with an extra hour? I’d like to say I would catch up on work (my blog) or housework, but in reality I would probably catch up sleep or TV. HAHA

  8. Christine M says:

    I’ll have to check this out. hopefully it is not a voting contest. Those are just not fair to us with 12 friends.

  9. I plan on sleeping in that extra hour myself. No need to get up if I don’t need to. Usually my toddler would wake me up anyway. This sounds like a good idea. I might have to share.

  10. I would like to think I’ll spend it doing something I wouldn’t normally have time for… do a little extra knitting, try to get ahead on my blog posts, play some card games with Hubby… but in reality it’ll probably be spent sleeping, or tidying up the house, or even worse, wandering around on the internet!

  11. I don’t have any kids but maybe I can upload a picture of Yorkie? She is pretty much my family.

  12. If I had an extra hour, I would read or watch one of my favorite shows.

  13. While I feel like I should say I would play with my kids, I would probably sleep if I had an extra hour, because they wear me out. LOL

  14. Sleep tops my list!

  15. What a cute contest! I’ll have to visit Welch’s! I’m looking forward to an “extra” hour of sleep though! LOL

  16. Welch’s has been a family fave as far back as I can remember. This is a good giveaway too!

  17. I was never a fan of daylight savings time. It just throws everything off…but I do like the idea of doing something good with that hour! =)

  18. I love this post, and I can think of a lot of things I would do with an extra hour. I always feel like it takes forever to promote and get my blog out there, so I think I would use that extra hour if we really had it to do more of that. Great post.

  19. love it! With my extra hour…I want to curl up in my comfy bed and read in PEACE and quiet! (sorry…i do love my kids..but, i love quiet a little more)!

  20. I would sleep with an extra hour! Or read my book. lol. Either way, it’s relaxation time for me! I don’t get enough of that.

  21. I’d either spend my “found” hour sleeping or reading a good book!

  22. I would probably be spending my hour looking at blogs and commenting.

  23. I am definitely looking forward to that extra hour. Give me a few minutes to catch up!

  24. thank you for letting me know about the contest. Family time is so important. I checked out the website and they have a lot of great recipes

  25. The hubby and I put aside our to-do lists last night for some family time- so important!

  26. This sounds like a fun contest. If I had an extra hour I would just spend it thinking. With three little ones running around I rarely have time to think.

  27. What would I do with an extra hour? Take a nap!

  28. If I had an extra hour I would sleep and snuggle with DH and kids!

  29. With an extra hour, I would read a good book or take a nap!

  30. I would totally spend the extra hour reading and snuggling with my kids. I never feel like I get to do that enough with our hectic schedules.

  31. What a neat and light-hearted idea! I can use this TONIGHT! 🙂

  32. Amy Desrosiers says:

    If I had an extra hour in the day, I’d spend it working still…I’m super boring, and behind 🙁

  33. Great contest, I’ll check it out!

  34. That is my favorite day, I sleep in most years it works the kids have no idea:)

  35. I just love this campaign.. thanks for spreading the word… Love me some welches.. thanks for sharing

  36. If I would “share what is good” it would be all about my family and my pets. This is a great campaign.

  37. I love this campaign, I entered!

  38. How about a half an hour bubble bath and a half an hour doing something extra with the family? I kind of like that idea 😉 This is a fun promo!

  39. Organize, clean, work, so many things.

  40. i think this is a fabulous campaign!

  41. What a great contest! We love Welch’s!

  42. What a great campaign! I wish I had more time overall in the day and when I do I usually spend it cleaning or something that isn’t fun but necessary. I would like to actually take a long hot bubble bath and enjoy some peace and quiet time.

  43. knowing me, with an extra hour i would get more work done.

  44. I’ve always loved Welch’s products.

  45. Awesome contest, I keep forgetting to enter so thanks for the reminder!

  46. An extra hour? How amazing would that be? I would spend it snuggling with mu kids watching our favorite shows 🙂

  47. I would use an extra hour to sleep!

  48. Elisebet F says:

    I love Welchs grape jelly…it’s even better than mine, hahah. I would probably sleep an extra hour =D

  49. I would sleep an extra hour!

  50. You got me to pause with the title of this post. An extra hour each day, wow that is a dream isn’t it!

  51. Sleep, watch TV, eat, oh gosh! So many choices!!!!

  52. lol I love that day as well, and I think my boys would agree with me that sleeping that extra hour would be awesome! =) On the other hand, we could use some fun family ideas so thanks for sharing the Welch’s site.

  53. I love Daylight Savings in the fall when we do get that precious extra hour! And, Welch’s is a favorite at our house too. What a great family-oriented promotion! Thanks for sharing!

  54. I’m thoroughly enjoying the entries in this contest. I really think the simple moments of a day are often the most memorable! Love that they’re celebrating the goodness in life.

  55. You can do so much with one extra hour…depending on the weather we’d go out for walks or the park, we could read more books, we could even visit the library more often!!

  56. Melissa Smith says:

    I would usually say SLEEP, but I do love this time of year so maybe an extra hour out at the local pumpkin farms instead. 🙂

  57. spending time with kids and family always the best. and sometimes we tend to ignore it because they are just sitting next to us.

  58. I would spend that extra hour on farmville… or on pinterest.. lol Oh how we need 5,000.. we’re about to close on our first home! Thanks for sharing

  59. I love the opportunity to share more time with family and Welche’s is a great company for trying to accomplish that.

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