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It’s amazing how fast The Little One is learning new things. Like the other day when I tried teaching her to fetch my slippers. She was figuring it out, and would have gladly retrieved them for me, but her momma cut that lesson short.

I tried again today and, wouldn’t you know it, she grabbed my slippers and waddled them over to me. I’m wearing them right now and my feet are toasty warm, all thanks to my kind and brilliant 18-month-old daughter.

Now before you start with the disapproving comments, I do feel a little bad about making her fetch things I’m perfectly capable of fetching myself. In my defense, I’d gladly teach our Boxer to do it, but he’s a little gray in the muzzle and you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks. So until I can teach our cat to do it, The Little One will have to fill that role.

I promise you, though, I’ll never be one of those parents who asks his four-year-old to fetch beers from the fridge. That’s what momma’s are for, right guys? Guys? Oh man, am I in trouble now.

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  1. Cate salinard says:

    I am already teaching mason how to give a quality back rub….seriously, not joking 🙂

  2. I’m all for child labour.
    Actually, when company comes over, he goes into the bar fridge and hands out beer and pop. We didn’t teach him that. We did teach him how to be polite so I suppose that’s his way of being polite…or that means our friends are alcoholics…

  3. Papa Don't Preach says:

    Yeah, she’s actually started bringing me the slippers when I don’t ask for them. Even a well-trained dog won’t do that!

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