My Adventures In Potty Training: Poopies, Pee-Pees, And Pull-Ups

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Huggies Pull-UpsWhen our daughter was born, I was one of those parents who had the ambitious goal of potty training her before her second birthday. And then reality set in. Her second birthday passed, and although she was willing to sit patiently on her little pink potty, she was no closer to being diaper-free.

I try not to take it personally. It’s true that before 1950, most kids in the U.S. were toilet trained by 18 months. Even today, many children in Africa, Asia and Europe are trained before two years of age. Our own diapered diva is now almost two-and-a-half years old – 28 months to be exact – and I take solace in knowing that the average American child is close to their third birthday before they’re potty trained (39 months for boys and 35 months for girls).

And now, on the cusp of the New Year and her third birthday approaching in 2013, my focus on potty training will be reignited. Even more than my personal goal of losing 10 pounds, reading more, or watching less reality television, my biggest New Year’s resolution is to get our daughter out of diapers once and for all.

The first step in the process, oddly enough, starts with putting her in the right diapers. For us, those diapers are Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants.

For my husband and me, the Pull-Ups are an easy transition from the Huggies Little Movers Slip-On diapers our little one already wears. Pull-Ups are exactly like the Slip-Ons – a once-piece design makes them easy to put on and the tear-away sides make them a cinch to take off. The main difference is in the three different types of Pull-Ups to make learning easier for kids.

There are “Learning Designs” Pull-Ups, which is what we got, with designs that fade when the diaper is wet (to help her learn by seeing). There’s “Cool Alert” Pull-Ups, which feel cold when the diaper is wet (to help her learn by feeling). And there’s “Night Time” Pull-Ups, which are extra absorbent for nighttime training. What I like about all three is how soft they are and how they are closer to underwear than diapers.huggies pull-upsWhat I also like about the Pull-Ups is that they come in different themes – for boys and for girls – to make it a little more fun for kids. For our daughter, we chose a package of Minnie Mouse and Cinderella-themed Pull-Ups – her two favorite characters!So far, our little one really seems to enjoy wearing the Pull-Ups. She caught on pretty quickly to the concept of checking the front to see if the design had faded, and seems to enjoy being involved in her potty-training process. (“I such a big girl!” she proudly exclaims.)

We bought our Pull-Ups at Walmart for less than $10 a pack. You can even get them online for just $8.97 for a pack of 26 (about 35 cents per diaper).

Will our little one be diaperless by her third birthday? I’m going to try my best to make that happen, even if it means pushing my resolution of watching less reality TV to the back burner. Ahh, the sacrifices we make for our children!

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  1. These pull ups are great. We use them all the time!! She is adorable!

  2. I used pull ups on my children. We loved them.. Thank you for this post.

  3. I love that they offer a variety of features that might help kids become more aware!

  4. Those pull ups are really cute!


  5. Amber Edwards says:

    oh my goodness those are so stinking cute!! I’ve potty trained boys and their pull ups were fun, but these are CUTE!! I’m hoping my daughter will want to potty train soon and Huggies is definitely my turn to brand for pull ups!.

  6. We will be entering the potty training stage soon. I really like the features they have on pullups to help kids know when they are wet!

  7. We are currently using these for my daughter (21 months) but I think we’re going to switch to using Huggies Pull-Ups Cool Alert, because right now she’s to young to really understand the design fading.

  8. My little sister had no interest in training until my mother bribed her with frilly underpants. Good luck!

  9. We are trying to potty train too! My son is 31 months old. It is not going so well, but he will learn. We moved to pull ups last week and went with the Cars prints. Epic Fail. He won’t leave them on because he wants to look at the pull ups!

  10. What a cute picture of your little sweetie! My daughter would go bananas for the ones with Minnie on them. Hope they’re still around when her potty-training time comes!

  11. that design is really cute. My daughter just turned 3 and is not potty trained yet. She is scared of the big potty and will sit on the small potty but wont go potty. Hopefully I can get her potty trained by 3 1/2.

  12. Potty training is definitely no fun. It’s great to find a product that can help and make it a little more pleasant for both the parent and child.

  13. I am soooo dreading potty training with Leo when the time comes. Luckily it looks like Pull Ups is the way to go. I appreciate they give kids different ways to be aware when they are wet. I hope the designs for boys are just as cute as they are for girls!

  14. Hope they work. I have found the fool proof way to potty train is just use plain underwear. It makes things a little messier at first, but it doesn’t take as long.

  15. I have been potty training Jagger for a year now! He did great the first two weeks and now he has a “I’ve done that, I know how to do it, I’m done” attitude about it. 🙁

  16. Omg. Your daughter is absolutely delightful! What gorgeous pics! Thanks for the tips on these Pull-Ups…we are transitioning here too!

  17. We love our pull ups and still use them for night time, but I found they didn’t aid too much in the potty training portion of my girls lives. My kids figured out fast that these were just diapers you put on differently. My newly potty trained 3 year old (trained just a week before her 3rd birthday) still goes to the bathroom in her pull ups if that’s what she happens to be wearing and will only sit on the toilet if she has panties on…go figure! As far as age, my oldest was almost 4 before she took up the big girl potty. I guess I never pushed them and knew they’d eventually pick it up the more we practiced!

  18. What a cutie! She looks delighted with her new Pull-Ups! Best of luck with the potty training!

  19. My little sister never wanted to potty train she loved her diapers then my parents gave her Pull-Ups and not only at the age OF 5 will she at least look at the potty she will tell us when she had an accident instead of letting us figure it out 20 minutes later yet she still can’t hold it in once I took her to the bathroom because she said she had to go what I didn’t know was she had to poop and right before I took her pull up off she just stood there messing herself and then just walked away. Oh boy God help us

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