I’m a Delta Brand Ambassador (And Cleaner than I’ve Ever Been!)

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I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Delta Faucets. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating. All opinions in this blog entry are my own.

One of my favorite parts of the day is, without a doubt, my morning shower. I can barricade the bathroom door, crank up the steam, and just relaaaaaax. Although my showers used to be about 10 minutes long, lately they’ve been pushing 20 minutes … probably to make up for all those showers I skipped when our little one was younger.

Until now, I’ve been pretty content with our “regular old” shower head, but when I was recently chosen to be a Delta Faucet Brand Ambassador, I knew my days of taking a regular old shower were over. As part of my new role as a Delta ambassador, I received a Delta In2ition shower head. My morning showers would soon turn into blissful, 30-minute escapes from which I never wanted to return.

The Delta In2ition shower is a two-in-one shower system that features a showerhead and a removable handheld shower in one, combining the soothing comfort of a showerhead with the convenience of a handheld showerhead.


The removable showerhead slips into place in the middle of main showerhead, providing two streams of water. But here’s where the Delta In2ition really shines: A lever positioned on the side of the showerhead lets the user set the In2ition shower to one of three options: showerhead and handshower, showerhead only and handshower only.

The removable handheld shower head also includes two settings: relaxing massage and invigorating spray. Or, as I like to call them, relaxing massage and “OMG!”.

What’s also nice about the removable head is that it’s attached to a 60-inch hose that conveniently stretches to 82 inches, making it perfect for hosing off muddy dogs, muddy kids or muddy husbands. As for installation, that’s a cinch, and I’ll cover that step in a future blog entry along with a video!

For now, the Delta In2ition is the most beautiful thing in our bathroom, and has inspired me to give our bathroom the makeover I’ve always dreamed of. That includes some paint, a new sink and, if my husband is feeling really handy, a brand new toilet to replace the ugly pink one that’s been there since 1975.

Feel free to follow Delta online on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest. And, like I said, stay tuned for a future entry about the easy installation of the showerhead. Until then, I’m headed to the bathroom for my third shower of the day… using the OMG setting, of course.

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  1. An amazing shower head makes or breaks the shower for me. No joke… when we looked at the house we are renting, one of the first things I checked was the shower head. I know I can replace it if it’s crappy, but I LOVE an awesome shower at the end of the day. So relaxing. Definitely going to check that one out.

  2. Congrats on being a Brand Ambassador! I love Delta products. We are just about to start our second bathroom and I know we will be outfitting our bathroom in Delta!

  3. I hear you about the pink toilet!

    I love Delta products and this shower head sounds wonderful. My husband was just saying that we needed to replace our shower head so I will show this to him.

  4. Congrats on becoming an ambassador! This is so cool..I love Delta Products…they last forever.

  5. Congrats on being a brand ambassador! Sounds like a nice shower head! A really good shower head is one of those things you take for granted until you use one that is sub-par.

  6. Thats awesome that you get to work with them!

  7. That looks awesome. What an awesome opportunity.

  8. Congrats! Delta stuff if great!

  9. I LOVE Delta stuff. It’s amazing how something as simple as changing a shower head can make life more luxurious. 🙂

  10. Savannah miller says:

    I need a new shower head! Mine is yucky and to be honest I just want an updated one! I will def. be checking out Delta 🙂

  11. Thats awesome, congrats. Delta is high quality for sure

  12. For years Delta has been synonomous with amazing quality and they never have let me down! Love all their products!

  13. What a great company to be an ambassador for! Sounds like I need that shower head!

  14. My morning showers are also my special time of the day to myself and the only time I can really relax, away from kids and devices! This sounds like a great shower head, would love to get one!

  15. this sounds awesome. My body always hurts it would be nice to have a shower head that gave you a massage

  16. heather says:

    Sounds amazing!

  17. We need a new shower head for our bathroom. This one sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  18. That is fantastic. I can nto wait to hear all about Delta products.

  19. I’m so jealous! Shower heads are everything when it comes to cleanliness and relaxation for this mom. I love a great shower – it’s like, the only ‘me’ time in my house – when I can pretend that no person is calling my name or chanting it outside of the shower curtain wall. This is awesome.

  20. I love the two and one shower head! Seems like it would come in handy!


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