Scary and Safe: Hitting the Streets on Halloween with Help from Stride Rite

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Stride Rite. I received products to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation.

Stride RiteThis year, trick-or-treating in our neighborhood will take place on October 31. Remember when trick-or-treating took place on Halloween every year? I’m not really sure when or why the powers-that-be decided to shift the door-to-door celebration to October 29 or October 30 in some years, but it’s nice that it actually falls on the actual holiday for a change.

Safety is one of my biggest concerns when we’re walking around the neighborhood after dark. Zig-zagging across the street, cars coming and going. It’s especially tricky this year because our little one will be dressed all in black as an adorably spooky witch. Of course, every little witch needs a ummm “scary” kitty.


Thankfully, the folks at Stride Rite have been nice enough to send me a pair of sparkly light-up shoes that will make our stroll through the neighborhood a lot safer. They’re not exactly “witch like,” but they’ll make our little witch a lot easier to see, and that’s all that counts. They’re actually a lot brighter than you can see in the picture below, but it was hard to capture the lights on the shoes of a  jumping toddler! shoesIn addition to visual safety, we’ll also be taking the other usual Halloween safety precautions – inspecting candy, wearing glow sticks, and steering clear of the creepy house at the end of the block.

Stride Rite specializes in kids’ shoes, with a wide selection of boys and girls options for babies, toddlers and kids. The light-up options alone – for boys and girls – are worth a look, for Halloween use or otherwise. Our daughter loves the shoes because they light up (of course!), but I like them because they’re durable and they look very comfortable.

If you’re looking for some Halloween options, Stride Rite has plenty of them. They’ve got shoes themed around some of the season’s hottest costumes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Star Wars, Disney Princess and Minnie Mouse, and with a breadth of brands including Stride Rite, Sperry Top-Sider, Keds, Saucony and Jessica Simpson.

Stride Rite has been selling shoes since 1919, which means they know a thing or two about footwear. And one of the best parts about shopping online at Stride Rite: Free shipping on all orders over $75 (Rewards Members get free shipping on orders over $35). In other words, I’ll be buying a lot more shoes from them in the very near future!

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  1. Beautiful little with. LOVE light up shoes. We use them on the little kids all the time during the summer when we’re out at fairs, or camping. Their Spidermans are super cute too!

  2. My daughter is horrible on shoes. We bought a pair of stride rites that lasted her until she outgrew them. A lot of fun design options.

  3. So cute! love her costume, and her shoes are everything. I’ll keep an eye out for them this season.

  4. Oh my goodness your little one is just a doll baby. I love her Halloween costume. I love the shoes too. I am a huge stride rite fan, when it comes to kids shoes. I think they are one of the best out there for making sure that kids walk correctly and safely. Since you are a mom and I am a blogger about all things early childhood I would love you to stop by and visit my blog. I have a great post on there that you can search for about Halloween safety. Thanks for sharing too.

  5. Stride Rite is a great company! And what a wonderful way to use those sparkly, light-up shoes. I bet your little one loves them!

  6. Beautiful pics with the little one. I’m sure around this time of the year it’s always fun to play dress up. Have fun this Halloween and be safe. 🙂

  7. Great shoes! We have aged out but I used to love this line for my son when he was younger!

  8. Those are adorable! I only used Stride Rite as my son was learning to walk for the best support!

  9. I love Stride Rite! These shoes are adorable and I love that they light up!

  10. Oh my, I love those shoes. They are awesome and totally love that they light up, how cool

  11. Love her costume!

  12. I saw a friend who’s son has these Stride Rite shoes (well, not these, but Captain America ones) and I thought they were super cool how they light up on the top within the design. These princess ones are adorable!

  13. Those shoes are adorable! Light up shoes are a GREAT idea for Halloween!

  14. My daughter has the same pair for her Cinderella costume and loves them! Your daughter looks adorable in them too 🙂

  15. I don’t have children, but I love these shoes. Your little witch will sparkle as she goes from door to door.

  16. Aww those shoes are so pretty and look so comfy too! Love the pics!!

  17. Those shoes are too cute. My 4yo is already to go with her light up shoes, too.

  18. I love the shoes you got, So adorable. I really like how they light up. Stride Rite have great shoes I love all of the shoes in the the trick or treat line

  19. Those shoes are adorable! Nice to know they’ll help keep her safe too!

  20. I love stride rite. I actually almost accepted a position with them years ago as a manager.

  21. I love Stride Rite shoes. My kids wore them when they were small. I think the light up shoes are a great idea for trick or treating. It’s pitch black here when we go and I’m in constant fear of one of the kids running in front of a car..

  22. Love these shoes – so bright and magical

  23. What a little cutie!! I love her Cinderella Stride Rites. Super cute. We have some Ariel Stride Shoes that light up for my littlest one to wear on Halloween.

  24. Your little girl is seriously adorable. Her outfit is wicked amazing, you can never go wrong with being a witch for Halloween such a classic and you can get very creative.! I love those stride rite light up sneakers seem perfect for trick or treating!

  25. Oh my goodness, now if those are the most adorable little sneakers ever! I totally need to buy a pair for my niece!

  26. Oh my, you had me at the Tiaras on front! Wowser are those cute.
    I think you are a genius. I never, in my wildest imagination, would have thought light up shoes would be anything other than fun. I’m off to shop– my daughters thank you! (BTW– You have an adorable little witch!)

  27. Such a cutie little witchie! I could gobble her up… tee-hee… Like her sneakers too! 🙂

  28. Stride Rite sounds great. Lovely little witch u have!

  29. Your little witch is beautiful! I agree with you safety is a huge concern. Kids are so excited about the candy and planning the next house that they never watch where they are going. I try to avoid driving on Halloween as a general rule of thumb. Those shoes are perfect!

  30. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Sparkly light up shoes are the perfect solution for a dark Halloween (or any other) night. So cute, too!

  31. What adorable shoes to go with your precious little girl! I love light up shoes, especially since I have three boys and when my older two were younger it was easier to spot them, HA!

  32. Those are clearly the cutest little sneakers ever! Also, I don’t have children so I never understood why Trick Or Treating sometimes takes place on different days every year. A few nights ago I was at the Farmer’s Market at my neighborhood and there were a ton of trick or treaters – turns out the community organized the event. I was so confused lol!

  33. Cute shoes, love how they light up. My daughter would love these!

  34. Adorable!!! I am going to get my niece some of these!!!!

  35. Lucky You! I love Stride Rite Sneakers! These are too cute!

  36. Those shoes are too cute. And love that “scary” kitty that every little witch needs. 🙂

  37. We are huge fans of Stride Rite. Their shoes are just such a high quality item that we feel they are worth every penny for our kids as they grow.

  38. I still have my oldest son’s first pair of shoes which of course were Stride Rite, he is 16. My 4 year old also started off in and still wears Stride Rite. My oldest son’s doctor recommended them as the best and he was right.

  39. We love Stride Rite, I am a huge believer in the importance of buying quality shoes for my kids. Those princess themed shoes are adorable and your little witch looks so cute in them.

  40. It can be so dark and difficult to see out on the trick or treating journey, so these are really quite brilliant!

  41. Those shoes are too cute I love them and it’s great that they help you see where your little one is 🙂 x

  42. Aww, adorable costume and LOVE the shoes!

  43. This sounds like a great company. I am going to have to check them out. Thanks so much for introducing me to them.

  44. I love that the shoes light up. They are perfect for Halloween or any night after dark.

  45. Sherrie W. says:

    Your daughter looks adorable dressed up as a witch! Too bad they didn’t have black Stride Rite’s in black. Love that they light up! My niece would be thrilled (and she’s dressing as a princess this year). Happy Halloween!

  46. My children all love their light up shoes. The lights make it easy to see your children and have them seen when out at night. I have liked it a lot when coming home from school events in the evening.

  47. My boys had light up shoes when they were toddlers. They did not only light up and blink with every little step, they also gave out a squeaky sound so I am alerted when the sound is far from my range of hearing. I am happy that Stride Rite has come up with “themed” designs. I am pretty sure all the little ones would love it!

  48. She looks cute in her Halloween costume. My four year old niece is wearing similar to hers.

  49. stride ride is a good footwear. You have adorable model in there. My daughter would like this pair of shoes. great review

  50. Awww… these shoes are darling!

  51. Tory Blum says:

    It’s a really adorable costume! I love the light-up shoes 🙂

  52. Love Stride Rite! Those shoes are adorable! My girls would love them 😉

  53. I have been looking for light up shoes for my girls but no store seems to sell them any more so I guess my next step is online shopping I will try Stride Rite Site and see if I can get a good deal thanks..

  54. I love Stride Rite! They definitely have the best shoes for kids.

  55. My daughter rocks silver Stride Rite shoes too:)

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