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When I was a kid, I’d spend a lot of time running around outside – swimming, riding horses and playing games like kickball with friends. With all that time in the sun, came some pretty nasty sunburns. I think the worst sunburn I ever got was when I went with my grandparents to the beach. We spent all day on a boat and I could barely walk after. See, back when we were kids, no one really understood the dangers of sun exposure and using sunscreen was practically unheard of.

Fast forward 20 years. I now have a very active little girl of my own and the importance of sunscreen has pretty much become common knowledge. When she was a baby, it was pretty easy to keep the diva in the shade and fairly lubed up with SPF. But now that’s she’s a rambunctious toddler, she understandably wants to run and play outside.

Now I’ve already shared EWG’s list of the best and worst sunscreens, but did you know that regardless of which sunscreen you use, you should apply and reapply sunscreen under your clothes as well? According to the American Melanoma Foundation, normal clothing rate less than SPF 8 when wet, which doesn’t completely protect your skin from the sun. Other research has shown that a simple white T-shirt rates less than SPF 5. Here’s a little test for you. Hold the clothing up to a lamp and see how much light gets through. A lot, right? Now, some clothes like jeans don’t let a lot pass through, but most people are wearing lighter weight clothes in bright colors in the summer heat.

Recently I got the opportunity to try a grUVywear swimsuit. Sun protective clothing, like grUVywear allows you to only apply sunscreen on unprotected areas, saving you time and money (your most precious commodities when you  have kids!), and you’ll be sure most of the body is getting UV protection, since most people don’t apply and reapply enough sunscreen. Plus the fabric is breathable, dries quickly and comes in lots of cute styles for babies, kids, teens and adults. And the best part…for a limited time, grUVyWear is offering a discount off their swimsuits to my readers. Head over to the grUVywear website and use the code SAVE 1544 at checkout for 15% off!

Remember: when you’re headed out for a day in the sun, be sure to either wear sun protective clothing, like grUVywear, or apply sunscreen over your entire body. Regardless, sunscreen should be applied liberally and reapplied often, especially if you’ll be in the water!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary outfit from GrUVyWear in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. What a cute suit! I need to look into one of these for my little toddler!

  2. The outfit is sooo cute!! I love the idea of this but didn’t like the boring choices now we can find the protection and the cute together!! LOve it!!

  3. Really cute suit! I Love the bling!

  4. Super cute suit, I love it!

  5. very cute my daughter would love it

  6. I always forget to put on sun screen so I could definitely use some clothes like this!

  7. Adorable Shirt!

  8. I totally worshiped the sun when I was a teen and I am paying or it now with many doctor visits. Thanks for the reminder. Please wear your sunscreen

  9. I love the swim shirts. We use these every time we go swimming.

  10. Momma on the Rocks Momma on the Rocks says:

    Hope you guys were able to use the discount! They are really cute!

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