Got the lunch blues? Michelina’s to the rescue!

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Michelina’s for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Of all the meals I’m tasked with planning and preparing each day, lunch is, by far, the biggest headache for me. You’d think it would be dinner, right? After all, dinner is usually more elaborate and requires more effort, but nope – it’s lunch.

The main reason for that stress is because I feel the urge to resist the temptation of settling into the usual routine of sandwiches for lunch, but coming up with new ideas for tasty lunches isn’t easy. There’s also pressure to prepare a mid-day meal that’s quick and easy (dinner usually doesn’t have the same constraints).

All of that ended recently when I discovered frozen meals from Michelina’s. Before you scoff at the idea of frozen lunches, know this: Frozen meals have come a LONG way in the past 10 or 20 years and these options from Michelina’s are proof!

Those meals get even better when you add your own ingredients to them. The finishing touch is something Michelina’s encourages with their “Make It Your Michelina’s” contest. Throughout September, the company is encouraging fans to pick a meal, add some personal flair to it, and upload the image to the Michilina’s Facebook page. They’ll pick a weekly winner to win one week’s worth of Michelina’s and a Grand Prize winner will win a one year’s supply of Michelina’s!

For more info about the contest, visit the “Make it your Michelina’s” page of the company’s website. On the page, you’ll also see eight recipes created by the Michelina’s team using the Michelina’s meals. You can Follow Michelina's on Facebook or Follow Michelina’s on Twitter, too.

Here are three of my favorites, along with an idea about how I’d add my personal touch:

Franks ‘n Cheese – Our little one LOVES macaroni and cheese. Instead of adding hot dogs to this classic dish, I’d add some bacon and a little broccoli.

Seafood Alfredo – This meal takes Michelina’s Fettuccine Alfredo and makes it special by adding asparagus spears and shrimp. I’m not a shrimp fan, so I’d swap out the seafood and replace it with diced ham or blackened grilled chicken.

Lasagna Taco – My husband loves lasagna almost as much as our little one loves mac & cheese. This recipe places the lasagna in a flatbread to create a taco. I’m not really sure what I’d change about this one, because he loves tacos, too. Maybe I’d take a page from my mac & cheese recipe above and just add bacon … and extra cheese.

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  1. I always struggle with lunch! I can never think of anything on the spot. These are some great ideas. Thank you

  2. The lasagna taco looks great! I’ll have to try that out! Thanks.

  3. We don’t use frozen food normally, but that Franks n’ Cheese looks really delicious! I like the changes you would make in Seafood Alredo, as I don’t like safood either.

  4. We don’t eat a lot of frozen meals in our household, but they are really nice for my husband to have on hand when he’s rushing out the door and doesn’t have time to pack a lunch for work. These look like ones he would really enjoy! 🙂

  5. Those look so good! DAMN you Celiac Disease!

  6. Yum! A couple of these look great!

  7. I really love the Franks n’ Cheese and Lasagne Taco. I’m not a seafood fan though. This is great. I hope services like this are offered here. 🙂

    Pauchee C.

  8. My dad now and then will buy a bunch of these meals (when they’re on special!) because he likes having something quick and easy to pop into the oven when he doesn’t feel like making something for himself. He loves them!

  9. Any of those would sure beat the salad I have ever day for lunch. The Lasagne Taco looks very tasty.

  10. Oh those look really tasty. I love trying new things and these look like something my kiddos would love! Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Yum! Those pictures looks so delicious.

  12. These meals looks delicious… =)

  13. Lunch is tough for me too. When I use to work outside the house, I always brought leftovers. Now that I’m home with the kids, I want to vary the things we eat, but find it difficult to do. I’m fine with the same old things all of the time and I am very picky but trying to ensure that the kids aren’t.

  14. I think these would be great for lunch. It’s the same flavor as baked, without all of the time needed, and it’s perfectly proportioned for a single meal. Win-win. 🙂

  15. I’m lazy when it comes to cooking so frozen meals are a godsend. These look delicious! I’ll try to find them to give them a shot.

  16. Lunch is always my hated meal too, always has been. I dread lunch time and I am usually so hungry too, its not a nice combo. lol These look really tasty though! I have to watch out for the sodium content in things though for my husband.

  17. We do sometimes have frozen individual meals, since my husband sometimes works at night, leaving me and my two boys. I’m a vegetarian, so it’s a little difficult making one thing all three of us can eat. Then we’ll get frozen meals. These ideas are a good way to make them a little more interesting.

  18. I struggle with lunch as well. I do like the idea of adding some of my own additions to jazz up the dinner a little! I’ll have to try that!

  19. I am always looking for fast lunch ideas. The lasagna taco looks really good

  20. I would probably do Garlic Bread put Lasagna on it and bake it in the oven that sounds like it would be delicious

  21. yumm these sound yummy

  22. The seafood Alfredo looks yummy.

  23. I have never tried this brand of frozen meals but I think I will . They look and sound pretty tasty.

  24. Oooo, I’m liking the looks of that taco! Sounds delish!

  25. Yum these look so delicious and easy to prepare!

  26. I always wind up skipping lunch bc I never know what to make . These look delicious and easy to make, especially that seafood alfredo!

  27. These meals would be great to keep on hand for those last minute, Ugh, I forgot to make something for lunch days. Thanks for the review.

  28. LOVE frozen meals for lunch… these look delicious and I know I can take them to the office for a quick lunch… Thanks for sharing…

  29. Love these meal ideas!! Gives me a few more options!! Thanks!!

  30. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I hate, hate, hate, HATE making lunch each day! My 15 month old, and 4 year old drive me nuts for it starting at 8 am. It is worse that I need to make sure it is gluten free! I do love Michelina’s though!

  31. I do franks and mac and cheese when I’m too lazy to do anything else and the kids love it. I’ve never had a lasagna taco before, really unique choice of a taco. 🙂

  32. I feel you. preparing for lunch is for me a burden because i get confuse what to prepare besides sandwich, and mac and cheese. Thanks for sharing this lunch menu.

  33. The seafood alfredo looks good!

  34. Now those lunches look yummy!

  35. That taco looks amazing! I will definitely be putting it on my grocery list! Thanks!!

  36. All of those meals sound tasty. Who knew? Since they are so easy, I figured they offered like macaroni and cheese or something. I am really wanting that seafood alfredo!

  37. Add me to the list of people who hate to make lunch!

  38. I would definitely enjoy the seafood alfredo. Easy and I always love adding a green veggie. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Those franks and Mac made me hungry.

  40. As a mom of a toddler it’s always hard to find meals that jive with your little one’s…activeness. I bet these would be a great option for mama!

  41. I don’t really like frozen meals but if they look like this … I might really consider buying some!

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