My Good Morning: Gourmet Coffee at a Non-Gourmet Price (#CookinComfort)

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It was a good year for my husband in terms of Christmas gifts. He scored not one, but two kitchen appliances that he’s always wanted. The first “man-ppliance” (his word, not mine) was a dehydrator (i.e. beef jerky maker) and the second was a Keurig Platinum single-serve coffee maker.

I don’t have much personal interest in the dehydrator – although I do plan to make some tasty dried fruit for our little one – but I’ve been a big fan of the coffee maker ever since it arrived six weeks ago. Since then, my husband and I have been on a shopping spree, trying out various brands of K-cup coffee, spiced apple ciders, teas and other caffeinated concoctions.

During a recent trip to Walmart, we perused the vast selection of K-cup single-serve options in the coffee aisle. We’d tried most of them already, with varying degrees of satisfaction. And that’s when I saw it. Cappuccino! I had no idea that you could make cappuccino with a Keurig machine (I thought you needed one of those fancy machines with the milk steamer thing), but you can!collage 2The cappuccino we bought is from Gevalia (just look for the golden yellow box!). Gevalia makes several types of K-cup options for single-serve coffee makers. In addition to the cappuccino, they also offer a foamy Mocha Latte and Caramel Macchiato, and Dark Royal Roast, Colombia and Signature Blend coffees.


What’s nice about the Gevalia single-serve cups is how easy it is to make. Unlike the old cappuccino machines, which required you to use scalding hot steam to foam your milk, the Gevalia K-cups create café-style cappuccino in just two super simple steps:

  1. Empty the cappuccino froth packet into your mug.
  2. Insert expresso K-cup into your machine and brew!

CollageThat’s it! The froth packet automatically froths up (it’s made with real milk!) to create a smooth, subtly-roasted cappuccino that tastes just as good as most cappuccinos you’d get in a coffee shop, at a fraction of the price.

But what breakfast snack would I choose to go with my Gevalia creation? Muffins and donuts seemed too “coffee” for something as luxurious as cappuccino. After kicking around a few options (and ignoring my husband’s request for chocolate chip muffins), I opted for biscotti. Because nothing – and I mean nothing – goes better with cappuccino than biscotti!

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  1. Okay, I am heading out this afternoon and HAVE to pick this up; it looks so yummy!

  2. This looks wonderful! I will be trying these very soon!

  3. I love that I can make the fancy schmancy drinks that I love right in my own house now!!! These are awesome.

  4. I didn’t know Gevalia had a Cappuccino either and with the Keurig it seems so easy to duplicate. #client

  5. I didn’t know it was that simple to make “fancy” coffee through the K-cup method. I like that!

  6. I just tried that recently. It was awesome

  7. That looks delicious! I love that it automatically froths it for you.

  8. So glad your husband got some great gifts! I was hoping Santa would bring me a Keurig. There are so many great choices.

  9. Love my Keurig. These look good. Will pick some up next time at the store.

  10. I just recently tried this and it’s YUMMY!

  11. I do know what I would do with my Keurig. And I love Gevalia

  12. yummy, that looks delcious, I like iced coffee this looks good as an iced coffee!

  13. That is totally awesome!!! I will have to check that out!

  14. oh, cappuccino, how i love you so!! i haven’t tried gevalia kcups yet, i need to.

  15. This sounds so yummy! I’m a big coffee lover, need to get some!

  16. This looks awesome. I”ll have to try it!

  17. This looks amazing! I need my morning coffee every day, and cappuccino is never a let down 😉

  18. I am a coffee nut – I am checking this out. I am heading to the market today – I hope they have Cappuccino on the shelves. YUM!

  19. katherine says:

    My husband would flip if I made this for him!

  20. YUM! Looks so good! And I love the convenient K-Cups! #client

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