The Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store Student Plan (and Freaking Out in the Mall)

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best buy student plans #shop

I had a moment last week that made me rethink my stance on those kids’ leashes. We were at the mall, just doing a little Christmas shopping and checking out some cool new gadgets when I lost him. (I only took my eyes off of him for a few seconds!) Like a good mother, I tried not to panic, but after my frantic searches came up empty, I started to freak out a little bit.

I looked left. I looked right. I shouted his name. I took a deep breath. And, just as quickly as he had gone missing, I found him. My husband had disappeared into the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store.

best buy student plans #shop

That’s basically how it goes during our trips to the mall. I stick to the plan and check things off my list, while he wanders off, distracted by sports memorabilia, books, or, in this case, some new tech.

I had been to Best Buy – the big version of the store – on many occasions, but I had never been to a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store in the mall. It was actually pretty cool and the location made it really easy to check out Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store’s best electronics without having to leave the mall. They had lots of new cell phones, cell phone cases, smartphone accessories, headphones and tablets. Plus the staff was super friendly and not pushy at all. (I do NOT like pushy salespeople!)

best buy student plans #shop

My husband was checking out Sprint’s Samsung GS4 Mini (only $349.99 in black or white!), while I chatted with one of the not-pushy salesman. Turns out, Sprint has this thing for college students called the Sprint My Way Plan, which is something I really could have used during my college years because it helps students save on their mobile phone bill.

In a nutshell, the Sprint My Way Plan provides students with a full year of talk, text messages, and data FOR FREE. That’s right, free. The no-cost student mobile plan is nice, because college students don’t make a lot of money, and free stuff is definitely good.

best buy #shop

To qualify for the offer, buyers must purchase a Sprint phone at the student activated price through Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store and activate a new line via Sprint’s Unlimited, My Way plan.

The plan offers unlimited talking and texting and 1GB of data per month for smartphones and unlimited calls and texts for feature phones. PLUS, you don’t have to commit to a two-year contract, which means they’re not going to surprise you at the end of the year by forcing you to pay monthly fees when the 12-month offer expires. The promotion runs now through January 4.

Of course, our little one is still 15 years away from college (please don’t make me think about it!), but I have a few girlfriends with college-aged sons and daughters, so I took some notes to pass along to them.

As I finished jotting a few notes, I turned around to tell my husband about the offer and he was gone. Turns out, he was lured away by free peanut brittle samples in a kiosk outside the store. Yeah, I’m totally getting one of those kid leashes.

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  1. Great Blog!!1 Thanks for sharing

  2. If only i lived in the states! That student plan looks interesting!

  3. this sounds like a good plan for my daughter who racks up a hefty bill with her unlimited talking 🙂

  4. yea it does seems like a great plan, but i will stick to metro, thanks for the share

  5. This was HILARIOUS I seriously thought you were talking about a child 🙂 Your husband sounds like most men.

  6. That is such an amazing offer. My neighbors kids are all doing the college thing this year, and I am going to tell them about this.

    The leash thing? I hear you. I totally need one for my husband, too!

  7. I have heard a lot of good stuff about their plan.

  8. That would be a great plan to have for my son except that Sprint does not have great service where we live. I wish they did because I loved them when we had them.

  9. I love Best Buy…they are my go to store for everything electronic. This plan sound like a great plan – sharing with my friends.

  10. Ha! You crack me up! But no kidding, my college employee and I were just talking the other day about how she needs a new phone/plan! I’m going to pass this on to her!

  11. Of course I would find out about something amazing like this 3 days after I graduate from college! Oh well, guess I’ll just have to share with my friends who are still in college.

  12. ahahahaaa i love it. that’s how my husband is in the home improvement stores. back before cell phones were common i got walkie talkies after losing him FOR AN HOUR at home depot one time. livid didn’t begin to describe….

    maybe best buy should start carrying leashes?

  13. I actually have several clients with college-aged kids who would be interested in something like this.

  14. I would totally consider this but when ever I go to Best Buy I always leave with more than I intend. 😛

  15. That’s an interesting plan. The data part seems a bit low for a typical college student who’s going to be watching videos, texting, and using social media BUT as a starter and even emergency phone? Great idea!

  16. This sounds like a great program for students at college or getting ready to head off. Love that you are not locked in for those two years! So important.

  17. Haha I had to laugh out loud about your comment regarding those “kid leashes.” I have always hated the idea of them, but when I lost my nephew in a department store one time, I felt instantly terrible for judging the parents who use them! I love Brett’s idea; I think that Best Buy should totally start selling leashes, too! 😉 lol

  18. I had no idea this student plan existed, sounds great for the college students : )

  19. It’s so nice for a trial run on a phone to see how responsible they are, especially with the no-contract plan!

  20. That’s a great deal for students!

  21. What an awesome deal for students!

  22. That is great that they are coming up with plans that work for students. Students need that!

  23. Great post! I never think of box stores when purchasing a new cell phone. I guess I’m so use to getting them from my phone provider! The downside is, the phone provider is pushy, BEST Buy isn’t! I should deflinitely shop there!

  24. They have some really great offers! Wish we had this kind of deals here in Spain too!

  25. What a great plan! I really need to look into updating the plan I have to save a few more dollars!

  26. This looks like a great and workable phone plan for students. Thank you!

  27. This looks like a great phone plan for students! I will have to show my sister this post. My niece’s bill is very high!

  28. Sounds like my husband!! We just checked out the sprint deal too. Pretty sweet

  29. This does look like a great deal for any student. I need to check it out for my kids.

  30. You are so funny! I’ve been lost in that store a few times myself.

  31. Amy Lynn Desrosiers says:

    This is perfect for parents who have to foot their college students bills too!

  32. Too funny! My husband and I don’t go shopping too much together but when we do, he wanders off too. I didn’t realize Best Buys had a satellite station for their mobile products at malls. Good to know.

  33. I need to look into this! How interesting.

  34. My daughter just graduated! I wish I would have known about this earlier. Money is always so tight when there is a college student.

  35. I am LOL at 15 years away from college. Now you sound like me!

  36. wow they have a nice selection!

  37. I love Best Buy. We have one of these right by my house!

  38. I’m actually in the process of buying 3 phones this week, maybe 4. So I’m glad I saw this. I still have not made a decision as to which service I am going to go with.

  39. Thanks for the info, I am looking for a store to buy phone for my wife, this is perfect!

  40. Best Buy is one of my favorite stores – I love to play there! They always have everything I want or need.

  41. This is such a great deal for students! Best Buy is one of my favorite places!

  42. I have to check this out because my teenie bopper is on her way to college in the fall.

  43. These look like awesome deals.

  44. that’s a good mobile plan for college students!

  45. that’s a good mobile plan for college students!

    I am sure your mommy friends (with college) will thank you for jotting down the deals 🙂

  46. Nice one! The student plan is a real steal!

  47. We love sprint! What a great deal for students!!

  48. I love Best Buy. They have amazing deals!

  49. HA I beat you to it…LOL.. I saw this at my local Best Buy Mobile Store the other day walking the mall and quickly bought a phone for my Teen for Christmas.. what an AWESOME deal.. and now I’m set fora year..whoot..thanks for sharing, will forward to my friends…

  50. That student plan sound great. we had family plan in our fon line and it’s getting expensive each year

  51. HAHAHA! #wifefail Just kidding. My husband is the worst to shop with but for completely different reasons: He’s like a WOMAN. He takes FOR-EV-EEERRRRR to buy ANYTHING. He makes me want to put my head through a wall. I had a dream about this plan the other night, but when we checked out I realized I lied to the cashier because nobody in my house was a student so I had a panic attack for like a week before I realized I could use my middle schooler’s transcript to get the plan. DUH! HAHAH! #jobhazard #client

  52. Hilarious! But so true:) Your post might be a prime example of the difference between the male and female brain. What an awesome student plan! I wish my kids were older too. #client

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