Avocados, Bacon, Brownies, and Tequila (It’s What’s For Dinner)

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Avocados from Mexico. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Logo-Avocados-from-mexicoAvocados are one of those foods that I rarely had while I was growing up (my mom just didn’t use them that often) but now that I’m an adult, I absolutely love them. My husband does, too. Our favorite way to use them is to add sliced avocado to our BLTs. He calls them “BLATs.” I just call them delicious!

If I could grow avocados in my backyard, I would, but I can’t, so I’m perfectly content to buy them at the grocery store. So where exactly are avocados grown? Good question. Turns out, the best avocados come from Mexico.

Just like any popular regional food item, our neighbors to the south have created a website designed to spread the word about the buttery awesomeness of the Mexican avocado. It’s called the Avocados from Mexico Community. That’s right, it’s way more than just a website, it’s a community!

I only recently discovered the community, but it’s already one of my favorite websites. It’s got an avocado blog, a video channel, and a huge selection of recipes. Speaking of recipes, users can share their avocado creations on the site!

The community is also full of useful info about avocados. For example, avocados are considered to be one of nature’s super foods and an excellent source of heart-healthy fats. Plus, they’re high in fiber, cholesterol-free and provide nearly 20 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B6, C, D, E, K and potassium. What does this mean for you? Avocados can help to promote eye and heart health, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and decrease the risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease.

I could go on and on about the health benefits of avocados, but let’s get to the juicy part – the yummy recipes! Below are just a few of the MANY avocado creations you’ll find on the Avocados from Mexico Community.


Avocado, Bacon & Chimichurri Grilled Cheese – Bacon, cheese, avocado … what’s not to love about this sandwich?

Chicken Avocado Pasta – I’m making this recipe ASAP!

Avocado Chili Brownies topped with Avocado Tequila Ice Cream – I don’t even know where to start when it comes to how incredible this recipe is. Okay, I’ll start with the tequila.

Guac on the Wild Side Fiesta Bar – The word “bar” in the title of this recipe is what caught my eye, but you can’t have a list of avocado recipes without a good guacamole, right?

Avocado Love Margarita – Do I really need to explain why I included this recipe?

I don’t know about you, but I’m headed to the grocery store as soon as I publish this blog entry. We’re having all of the above for dinner tonight, and it’s going to be avo-mazing!

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  1. I love Avocados. I think I need to try brownie recipe. It combines my two favorite things. Brownies and avocados. So it has to be a win.

  2. WOW, those brownies look amazing! I don’t drink, so I would take the tequila out, but the rest sounds absolutely perfect!

  3. oh my yum that brownies looks so yummy

  4. Oh, my. I just might have to give those brownies a shot. No ice cream (since I don’t do tequila) and no peppers (since I don’t do hot), but still extremely awesome.

  5. Interesting. I don’t think I have every had avocados.

  6. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever had avacado lol i might have to give it a shot lol

  7. I’m obsessed with avacados (I’ve been craving guac all day today!) thank you for these recipes!

  8. Those sound awesome!

  9. I have made black bean brownies but have never heard of avocado brownies. I’m intrigued 🙂

  10. As I have got older I have started liking avocados a lot more. This is some great suggestions. The brownie one threw me but I would sure try it! Awesome post! I am going to be writing avocados from mexico on my shopping list for sure!

  11. Stephanie F. says:

    All these cool uses for avocado. Need to try some!!

  12. I love to use them sliced on sandwiches instead of adding mayo. They are so creamy and delicious- just wish they weren’t so expensive!

  13. You had me at avocado – YUM! And those brownies – delicious looking!

  14. my husband loves avacados. I will have to try some of these recipes

  15. I have never been a huge avocado fan and my husband hates them. I really need to find something interesting recipe to see if I can find something like about them. I used to be the same with beans who who knows 😉

  16. Man these recipes sound amazing! I love avocados – it’s weird. I hated them before I got pregnant, fell in love with them when I got pregnant and went to California early on in my pregnancy and now after I had my daughter, I still love them!!!

  17. Those brownies look AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  18. I’m so bummed that I can’t eat avocados. I get HORRIBLE stomach pains 🙁 Such a bummer! But wow that Avocado, Bacon & Chimichurri Grilled Cheese looks AWESOME!

  19. I love avocados! Thanks for the recipes!


  21. The brownies definitely look mouth-watering. I need some right now while working on my blogs :-).

  22. Avocado’s are so popular right now it is crazy. Never thought to try to put them into a dessert and such, might have to give this a go!

  23. I love avocados! When I was pregnant with my son I craved and ate a lot of Bagels smeared with avocado. Yum!

  24. I absolutely LOVE avocados. It’s one of my favorite foods and no matter how much I eat it, I never tire of it. Recently, I joined the Avocados from Mexico community and I am so excited to learn all the different recipes I will be able to use Avocado’s in.

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