Trail Mix and Tacos: The Best (and Worst) Road Trip Snacks

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It’s a proven fact that we put more miles on car during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. The trips to and from family gatherings probably account for 90 percent of that mileage, because grandmother’s house is literally “over the river and through the woods” (lots and lots and lots of woods).

Despite our best efforts to satisfy our hunger before we leave the house, those long trips can sometimes work up an appetite. That’s why I never leave home without a few handy snacks. But which ones should I pack? The following are three of the best road trip snacks – and three of the worst – to consider for your next journey.

TRAIL MIX – This combination of fruit and nuts (and those little yogurt nuggets if you get the good stuff) are an easy and healthy on-the-go snack. Just throw a few handfuls in a baggie and you’re all set!

BEEF JERKY – This is my husband’s favorite road trip snack. In fact, the only time he eats beef jerky is when we’re hitting the road. I’m not a fan of jerky, and neither is our diva, but it’s definitely an easy snack. Best of all, it won’t leave a mess in the car!

ANIMAL CRACKERS – Any small, bite-sized crackers will do here. The nice thing about this snack is that it’s fun for the whole family. Will you inevitably find a few crackers under the seat six months later? Sure, but I’ve found a lot worse under my seat, so I think I can handle a few camel-shaped crackers.

CHOCOLATEY CANDY BARS – This will be the only time that something made of chocolate will find its way onto a “worst” list, but trust me on this one. The chocolate usually ends up on your little one’s fingers, which then ends up on little one’s clothes, car seats, and just about anything else within arm’s reach.

PIPING HOT FRENCH ONION SOUP – Okay, I’m half kidding about this one (although I’m sure some people have actually tried it), but it does raise a good point about another high temperature road trip staple – coffee. In my experience, any scalding hot liquid in a car is more trouble that it’s worth, especially if you’re driving.

CHILI DOGS – This one’s pretty obvious, but it’s one that I’ve actually witnessed my husband trying to consume in the car. Let’s just say, it didn’t end well for his shirt. Other foods to include in this messy category include tacos, burritos, nachos (just about any Mexican food, really), pizza, and sub sandwiches with the works.

If anyone has any ideas for best and worst snacks to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment!

This post was inspired by my involvement in the Kia Social Club. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Best- Cereal/Granola Bars, Fruit Snacks

    Its funny seeing this list right now as we’re going to be driving from Florida to Ohio on Saturday and I’m having a time getting trip food together. This was very helpful.

  2. Great tips, I love taking animal crackers on road trips-always a fave with my daughter.

  3. We’ve been on long car rides before and we basically all learned that if we get hungry, we pull over to have a lunch or dinner. However, I also learned that my boys will throw crumbs and other small food in the car. I suppose we can’t take everything away from them, so I do allow animal crackers and chex mix (it’s bigger). Thanks for these tips!

  4. We also use Sliced fruit…well..not oranges. They get messy. But we love using Apple slices, grapes, and dried fruit. Beef jerky is always a hit!
    Rtiz crackers? BAD Idea. lol. So messy. They crumble far too easy. Love the animal crackers ideas.

  5. I fall back on freeze dried fruit for snacking in the car, but now I have a few new ideas!

  6. My husband always has to have beef jerky!!

  7. I will go with everything but the beef jerky. Can’t stand the smell or taste of that stuff!

  8. We always have animal crackers and sometimes I buy the chocolate ones and make a mixed bag.

  9. We bring homemade fruit rollups – all natural and very healthy.

  10. We bring crackers and trail mix…

  11. I love bread rolls and cheese for the road! Fairly neat and reduces potential for disaster! 🙂

  12. My fiance has to travel from Pennsylvania to Ohio a few times a year for work. I go along with him because while it’s a work trip for him, it’s an awesome mini vacation for me. It’s a good six-hour drive, and I also pack trail mix and beef jerky for the ride.

  13. I love animal crackers. These are great tips.

  14. I second the comment about the chocolate. It’s messy enough when I’m eating it, let alone the kids!

  15. Good suggestions (french onion soup, lol!)
    Best- premade pb & j sandwiches, and goldfish crackers
    Worst- Cheetos or Pringles

  16. I would like to think I’m the master at eating Tacos in the car, but.. I can see why they would be on the worst list. LOL. I think you should mention any soup would be as bad as French Onion Soup. LOL.

  17. we always go for grapes, stiff crackers (so there’s not tons of crumbs) and plain donut holes. Definitely no chocolate! lol

  18. put cereal in baggies to snack on, gerber graduates,licorice are all good. I try to avoid anything messy in the car

  19. What great tips! We love to have snacks in the car!

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