Coupon Binder Extravaganza

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November, 2012

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! Tthe November Coupon Binder Extravaganza is starting and I hope that you are ready!!!! Did you get to enter the last one?  If not, head on now and enter and join in on the excitement!  In lieu of this event, you are now able to sign up for the 30 day of FREE Online Coupon Classes that will start December 10, 2012 at Simple Savings For ATL Moms by clicking here.  Be sure to let her know I referred you.  All of the classes are all online.  What a great way to learn more about coupons and continue with your savings!  Here is a quick savings tip that you can learn from the online coupon courses.  Did you know that if you get more than one item when it is on sale that you can start with building a stockpile”? 

Now on to the event.  If you have never used coupons before, you may want to start.  It is a lot of fun being able to save and when you have a Coupon Partner to let you know about special deals including Free items, it is that much better.  Good luck with the contest!

Be sure to look at all the spectacular prizes in the Rafflecopter form below that you can win! This event is designed to start you with $avings.  New prize items can be added to the event at anytime.  Be sure to look for the New! Just added {along with date} added to the Rafflecopter.

Coupon Information:
Coupon 101!{Learn about coupons}
Coupon Database! {search for coupons}
Coupon binder/Hand Clutch {Purchase a binder for $15 during this event, FREE Shipping-Scroll to the bottom)
2012 Newspaper Coupon Inserts! {Find out which coupon inserts to expect for the week}
Grocery Store Sales Cycle! {Find out when grocery stores place certain items on sale}
How to read a Food label! {Learn the basics on how to read a food label}
Store Ad Schedule! {Find out when grocery stores place their ads}
Coupon Lingo! {Find out what OOP means}
$avings Tips:
CVS Shopping Trip– OOP $4.38!
CVS FREE Cereal! OOP $0.00
This giveaway is being given exclusively by Quida- blog owner at SSFAM! All opinions are 100% hers and she loves to $ave, share coupon knowledge along with helping others to save!   There is no purchase necessary to enter. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook. I was compensated to help share this spectacular event.
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  1. I am new to couponing! But I am excited to start 🙂

  2. vickie marks allbright says:

    i am new to couponing

  3. Crissy McMahan says:

    I am a first time couponer and I am super excited to start

  4. I use a few coupons here and there, tried to do more a while back and got overwhelmed. I’m new to getting serious about it and need to learn how to be organized and have a system! 🙂

  5. Momma on the Rocks Momma on the Rocks says:

    Again, if you guys are interested, there will be FREE online coupon classes starting soon and then a few times next year. Couponing can be so overwhelming, but totally worth the effort. Feel free to sign up!

  6. betty wojnar says:

    i’m a beginner!!!

  7. I’ve been a couponer for probably 5 years now.

  8. Colleen Schilinski says:

    I am a long time couponer, and I am always calling friends about the great deals I get. We even get together monthly for a coupon swap to just have some simple fun and save each other money.

    • Colleen Schilinski says:

      Also – You always seem to learn something new all the time, and thats what makes it so much fun couponing.

  9. I have been couponing for about 12 years, but I still learn new things all of the time….the deals were better when I first started and easier to come by, but with a little dedication one can still get some great buys even now. I tend to work on my coupons without much support, I do post deals to friends when I can and I do share coupons with my sisters but that is about it.

  10. Lauren Bratton says:

    I have been couponing for about 2 years and actually help teach coupon classes in my area i love helping people learn how to save tons.

  11. I have been a “casual couponer” for most of my life. Missed lots because dates and things got away from me and no, not part of a regular coupon group. Kinda hard to find in my area. I want to start with getting more organized. Now that we will have Wi-Fi (yep, finally giving up the old dial-up as an early Christmas present to the family), it will be a lot easier to keep up, (I hope 🙂 ).

  12. Kathryn Esquivel says:

    I have looked into it, but have not followed through! With baby #3 on the way, I need to get serious!

  13. I’ve been couponing for years, ever since I was a cashier in a grocery store. I don’t have a support group. I do share and trade coupons with some of my friends and help them learn the best ways to coupon. I don’t always follow the “rules” of good couponing as I can only shop for groceries at a couple stores. I have a physical disability that makes it hard for me to grocery shop any sales, but I do tell people that is the best way to stockpile and shop with coupons. 🙂

  14. I have been using coupons for about 5 years, but not as often as I think I could/should be. I don’t have a “support group”, but I have been scouring the internet for blogs to help.

  15. rachelle jones says:

    I’ve been couponing for about a year 🙂

  16. I was a couponer when the newest “fad” was starting in the early 2000’s – but we’ve been out of the country for a few years and things have changed a lot! I feel like I’m new again!

  17. I’m a huge fan of couponing so I would be super excited to win this!

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