DIY Smarties Halloween Ghosts

Halloween is such a fun time of year, for kids and adults alike. Kids get to dress up in a fun costume and go trick-or-treating. Parents get to umm…raid the kids’ hard-earned Halloween candy. Admit it – you do this! This will be the first year that we take the diva trick-or-treating. Although we did […]

20 Pumpkin Carving Templates (and Seed Recipes!)

Halloween is upon us – only 10 days until the big night! Have you carved your pumpkin, yet? No? Well, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled 20 awesome pumpkin carving templates from around the web to get you started. Simply print them out, tape them to your pumpkin and trace the lines! Disney has some really […]

35 Spooktacular Kids Halloween Crafts

Like I said before when I talked about Halloween Costumes, I’m not crafty at all. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to break out the scissors, paint and glue with the diva and getting messy – or create a mess, rather. It’s all in good fun and now that she’s two, she enjoys it […]

60 Halloween Costumes for the Uncrafty

Halloween is coming soon and costumes are top of mind (after candy, of course!). Last year I partially made my daughter’s costume. She was a fairy princess, so I made the tutu and bought the rest of the pieces. I’m not crafty at all. In fact, I can barely sew a button on. So this […]

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