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Many parents, when deciding on a baby name, take the whole nine months to come up with a moniker that will serve the child well, as both a youngster and an adult. And then there are those that … umm … don’t (*cough* Blue Ivy *cough*). Choosing the diva’s name (no it isn’t diva, though it would’ve been, had we known) was no easy feat.

Boy names were easy. We were driving along one day and I mentioned the name and that was it. And even though it is a popular name, the husband wouldn’t entertain the idea of choosing another. Girl names on the other hand were much more difficult. I always thought I would name my daughter Isabella, but after seeing its rank on the popularity charts, decided against it. I grew up with an uncommon name and didn’t want to subject my daughter to being one of five in her class, like the Jennifer’s and Jessica’s of our generation (no offense to my commonly-named husband or anyone else who might have selected one of these options).

Being on team green (we waited until the birth to find out the gender), exacerbated our angst. Many times we thought about opening the little manilla envelope that sealed the truth (the technician who performed our ultrasound was kind enough to take a picture), just to see if we could stop contemplating girl names or if we needed to keep at it. In my heart, I just knew it had to be a girl because of the difficulty we had in determining her name (a sign of things to come, perhaps?).

Finding a name we really liked wasn’t the hard part. Narrowing the long list of “maybes” was. Initially we crossed off popular names, names of people who triggered negative memories, names of children we knew, names that could be turned into silly nicknames and finally looked at initials and flow of the entire name. After many months of deliberations, we entered the hospital armed with a name for both a son and a daughter.

In the end, I love the name we chose for her. And I hope one day, she’ll understand the special meaning it holds and appreciate it too. So with that, I’ll leave you with the top 25 baby names of 2011 (courtesy of babycenter.com). Thankfully, Smurfette Blue is not on  there, yet…

How did you choose your child’s name?

Top 25 Baby Names of 2011***

For more, visit babycenter.com.

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  1. Cate Salinard says:

    I just looked up Mason on Baby Center to see how popular it was and one of the other names they recommended that was like Mason was “Manson” OMG could you imagine naming your child that. Yikes!

  2. Actually it was John’s idea to name him chase. He always loved that name and he asked me what I thought and I loved it

  3. I choose my oldest’s daughter’s name from the “Friends” credits, and my youngest’s from a minivan name.
    Because I’m totally lame.

  4. Naming a child can be so hard. Our kids’ names weren’t popular when we chose them, but now they are more and more common…ugh. I also wrote about this topic awhile back.


  5. I hated naming our first daughter so we had a contest between our friends, they gave us one we liked, and they won absolutely nothing but our love:) but with our second I really liked Bailey, and then we gave her my MIL’s middle name Jo, so Bailey Jo… yeah hopefully she isn’t made to much fun of when she’s in high school. Oh well she’ll live as long as she don’t live up to it 🙂

    Love the blog

  6. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  7. Oh, man! I thought you were going to tell us what you picked! I see my youngest son has the 25th most common name of 2011. He was born in 2008. Oh, well. My oldest son’s name isn’t on the list at least. He’s Austin. (Thanks for linking up with us for #findingthefunny last week!)

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