We’ve Got Pac-Man Fever and There’s Only One Cure!

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My husband loves video games. Actually, that’s putting it mildly. If left alone without supervision, my husband could spend an entire weekend shooting zombies, racing cars, playing baseball, and rocking out on Guitar Hero. All of it thanks to that little white box that sits under our DVD player.

Of course, ever since our little one was born two years ago, his video game controllers have mostly collected dust. These days, his idea of “gaming” consists of answering Dora the Explorer when she asks “Do you see Swiper?” and chasing our future gamer as she runs naked down the hall after her bath.

I enjoy video games, too. A little Mario Kart (I kick butt) and Guitar Hero now and then can be a great stress reliever. That’s why I decided to fire up our Wii, dust off the controllers and have ourselves a video game night. But not just any video game night. I’m talking about Pac-Man – the greatest video game of all time. Oh yeah, it’s on!

We stopped at Walmart to stock up for our game-a-thon. The main plan was to bake some cookies (more on those later), but we also picked up some soda and other supplies. Is it possible to play video games without drinking soda? Probably, but I don’t recommend it.pac-manIf you’re not already a Redbox user, I highly recommend it. We get movies on Redbox all the time. They’re only $1.29 per night, lots of new releases, and when you’re done with the movie, you can return it to any Redbox location. They also have games, which is where we got Pac-Man Party. It was our first video game rental on Redbox and something tells me it won’t be our last! You can follow Redbox on Twitter and Facebook, too, for updates and trivia on movies and games.pac-manPac-Man ate little dots to fuel his race through the maze, so I figured we’d need a little something to fuel our gaming marathon. To give us the sugar rush we’d need, we whipped up a batch of cookies shaped, of course, like Pac-Man himself. And since you can’t have Pac-Man without his ghostly rivals, we made some ghosts, too.

Just cook the cookies according to the directions on the package, cut into the appropriate shapes and top with icing. Yellow for Pac-Man of course and a variety of colors for the ghosts. To do the eyes, simply use white icing with dots of red in the middle. Easy peasy!pac-manAnd of course, the fun part begins!pac-manThis is one reason why my husband hasn’t played many video games since our little one was born. She did a great job of distracting him while I kicked his butt time and time again. The real match begins after the diva’s bedtime!It’s only fitting that one of our first video game experiences was also her first video game, so we gave her a controller (or rather, she took it over) and let her have at it. Her Pac-Man ate a few dots and managed to avoid a few ghosts – not bad for a two-year-old!For my entire Pac-Man game night experience, check out my Google+ album. Also, we sure to check out my review of Pac-Man (and review on many other games, movies and TV shows) on CouchCritics.

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  1. I love pac man! Love the cookies!

  2. This is so cool! Sounds like you guys had an awesome game-night. What a great idea!

  3. Great idea and I love those cookies. Pac-Man was one of the first video games I learned to play way back when it was in the very large machines in bars. Wow….ages ago. Looks like you had a good deal of fun and your little one is so sweet.

  4. Awe! The cookies are adorable 😉 My hubbs and daughter enjoy playing games on their Wii too – I am surprised they don’t have Pacman yet! Great post.

  5. Love the cookie idea! So easy and so cute!

  6. I haven’t played Pac-Man in years!! This game sounds fun 🙂 And I love your cookies — super cute!

  7. My husband is addicted to old school games like Pac Man too!

  8. I love those cookies. Great idea of how to make them. We just saw Wreck it Ralph and they had Pac-Man in there it made me want to play the game.

  9. Great Idea! The cookies are soo cute!

  10. Ha! I love those cookies! So creative!!

    We have game nights every once in a while too. We need to have one soon; it’s been a while. And pac-man is a classic! That would definitely be fun for our family.

  11. I love Pac Man and the cookies look so good.

  12. How fun! Love the cookies and the pics of your family having a great time. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  13. How incredibly cute is your daughter???? We love video games around here, too. My oldest son would do nothing play video games if we let him, and he also loves Pac Man! lol

  14. What an awesome idea. We love pacman! Your daughter is so adorable!

  15. Momma on the Rocks Momma on the Rocks says:

    Thanks, guys! Pac-Man Party (although much more modern than the old atari game) is still a ton of fun!


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