The HUGGIES Mommy Center on (And How I Got Poop All Over My Husband’s T-shirts)

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of HUGGIES. All opinions are 100% mine.

As I sit here planning our daughter’s third birthday party (coming up this weekend), one common thought keeps popping into my head – “Holy crap, I’m going to be the mother of the THREE YEAR OLD!”

I honestly have no idea where the last three years have gone. It seems like just yesterday I was seven months pregnant with a library of new baby and parenting books stacked up on the coffee table. I poured over them every night like I was cramming for an exam in college.

Oh sure, there were also a few websites that I turned to for advice, but one website I wish I had known about three years ago is the HUGGIES® Mommy Center on

The HUGGIES Mommy Center is pretty much a one-stop shopping spot for new moms. It helps moms navigate those exciting-but-stressful first few months with tips and advice from moms just like you (i.e. a little scared, a little overwhelmed and a lot sleep deprived). The Mommy Center also lets you shop for important baby essentials – like HUGGIES® Little Snugglers Diapers, HUGGIES® Pure & Natural Diapers, and HUGGIES NATURAL CARE® Wipes (all available at Walmart) – and offers coupons, too!

Yes, you can order diapers, wipes and all sorts of other baby essentials and have them delivered right to your door! When I was a new mom, I definitely could have used some home-delivered diapers, especially on one day in particular day when our daughter was about two months old.

My husband had gone back to work by then, leaving me home alone with our bundle of joy. One on day in particular, he had taken the car with the car seat, which meant I couldn’t leave the house even if I wanted to. Ten minutes after he left for work, I changed our little one’s diaper and almost screamed out loud when I realized we only had ONE DIAPER left to get me through the next nine hours until my husband could buy more on his way home from work.

What did I do? I learned how to turn my husband’s white t-shirts into diapers. Five t-shirt diapers, to be exact. My husband was surprisingly understanding, despite three of the five t-shirts being, umm, heavily soiled. (I assured him it would wash right out, but he opted for the trash instead.)

The lesson I learned that day? When you’re a new mom and you’re going through somewhere between 10 and 47 diapers per day, you should ALWAYS have an “emergency supply” of diapers on hand for those moments when you might run out at the worst possible time!

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  1. Yes, when you are a mom with a little one in diapers, you can never have too many diapers along. Too few – yes! Too many – no.

  2. I love Huggies. That is the only brand that we use in my house.

  3. I really like Huggies. I have two little ones in diapers and they hardly ever leak, compared to the generic brands!

  4. that is too funny! LOL Us mother’s know how to make it through some crazy times with what we have on hand. Glad to here I am not the only mother who has had to improvise. LOL

  5. love Huggies! This is my preferred brand! just bought 2 cases at Costco last week!

  6. Those moments where you catch yourself forgetting diapers or an extra pair of clothes or some more food – those are so frustrating! I’m glad you improvised your way through that 🙂 And using your husband’s shirts is brilliant 😉 We use cloth diapers, so we know ALL about improvising with that (receiving blankets, tshirts, etc.)… it can be fun!

  7. LOL I love it – I once had to do that with my son’s receiving blankets when I ra out of diapers and couldnt go out! moms make it work!

  8. Huggies were my preferred brand when I still had babies! I wish that I had found a website like Huggies Mommy Center back then. Thank you for sharing, I will be sharing this with all my mommy friends.

  9. Huggies were all we used when mine were in diapers

  10. I love being able to order baby stuff online! Especially during the first few months when you’re still figuring out how to get out of the house with a baby.

  11. We had a similar experience when traveling one time. Our flight was delayed so when we finally boarded we had only one clean diaper left which had to last a 5 hour flight and however long it took us to get somewhere to purchase more diapers. We had to be very creative with some of our packed items that trip.

  12. It is always a must to keep sufficient stock 🙂

  13. It’s always a great idea to keep a supply on hand. I’ve found myself running out because hubby didn’t indicate that we were low. I use Pampers though and I wish they would do something as cool as this. Great review for the Huggies lovers.

  14. Savannah miller says:

    My little guy is 2 and I’m hoping to soon be out of the diaper phase. Huggies is def. my top choice of diaper 🙂

  15. I also remember running out of diapers at the most inconvenient times! Thankfully I was able to run next door to a neighbor’s house and borrow a couple of too-big diapers and tape ’em up! 😉

  16. Haha! What a great story…I’m sure your husband wasn’t too thrilled and I’m with him, I would have opted for the trash too! I like ordering diapers online – one less big bulky package to carry back from shopping – delivered right to my door!

  17. Runnng out of diapers is never good! We use Huggies too, they are the best.

  18. Haha! Nice job turning your hubbys t-shirt into a diaper 🙂 I’ve yet to run out of diapers, I’m very cautious about it but have gotten down to one before.

  19. Resourceful! Haha. My son uses Huggies dry and he really loves it. 🙂

    Pauchee C.

  20. Oh my! HAHA!!! Well aren’t you the most resourceful mom ever!! That is hilarious!

  21. My baby is almost 3 too! I’d never heard of the Huggies Mommy Center. I’ll tell my sister about it, she’s due in October!

  22. ugh birthdays… my son’s is next month. coming up quick!! /facepalm

    lmao about the shirts. i was never that ingenius (or that hardcore into learning how to be a mother) but that’s awesome.

  23. I love that we can have things delivered and I have done it quite often. When you are home with your child and do not want to take them to the stores because they are so little, or they are sick, this is a great way to still stay stocked up on what you need.

  24. That is funny! Great thinking though!

  25. Great solution using your husband’s shirts…lol! I am glad I no longer need to worry about diapers but when I did I always had a stockpile of them.

  26. sounds like a great program. I have never heard of it. I order my diapers and wipes online, it is convenient.

  27. My little girl just turned three last month 🙂 And I agree – I’ve visited the mommy center on Walmart’s website, and it is PACKED with helpful info!

  28. I’m not sure this was around when I was a new mommy! It would have come in handy! We love Huggies!

  29. I have four children so I have more than my share of “we are out of all diapers includiing the emergency ones” stories! I am glad your husband’s t-shirts will be safe in the future.

  30. I love Huggies! I have 3 kiddos — now all potty trained but that was all I bought,including Pull Ups. No other brand compared! I always had a back up stock too! I think I actually have some still hidden in my car LOL.

  31. That is hilarious! Sounds like it’s a good idea to always have an emergency supply of t-shirts on hand as well 😉

  32. I’m just glad he had those available, and like him, I would’ve opted for the trash too. ;0

  33. I always loved huggies and used it with all three kids…. and yup you have to have an emergency stack of shirts…. lesson learned

  34. Love that diapering companies are getting so good and knowing exactly what busy moms need!

  35. This reminds me… I need to have my husband write his poop story for his blog. LOL

  36. We are done with this stage but we loved Huggies!

  37. I don’t have kids yet but it seems that most of the parents I know prefer Huggies!

  38. You guys will laugh about this for years and years!

  39. Haha poor hubby! That was nice of him though, not to get mad. I cloth diaper buy buy Huggies for when we go out and over night (because I am super lazy) so when I run out of diapers (because I’m super lazy and put off buying them) I can just use some of my cloth. Huggies are my fav. disposable though!

  40. We used commissary brand with my oldest son because they were $3 a box on base (and not in 1950…in 2007 :))! With my second son, we used Huggies and I was very happy and satisfied with the results.

  41. I’ve had to do the tshirt diaper trick before! My husband was less than thrilled because it was his favorite tshirt but it was the only thing that I had in the car. I love diaper subscriptions because my absent minded self often forgets to pick them up at the store and it keeps me from having to run out all the time.

  42. Wow, too much poop for me. 🙂 I had no idea they pooped that much. I think I’ll opt for cloth diapers myself!

  43. LOL, great idea to use your husband’s t-shirts! I really love Huggies products!

  44. ROFLMAO!!
    You guys are never going to forget this one!
    Great post!

  45. That was tragic initially, but it is funnier than hell right now. I am sure he did opt for the trash, because he probably, being a new dad, could not fathom thinking of his beautiful child’s bum having soiled the shirt right off his back. ROFLOL…You are, by the way, as ingenious as the mothers before you in time. Cloth diapers came right from the mother of invention. Invent on…..

  46. That was funny! Thanks for sharing the link, I can forward this to my pregnant sister-in-law. This will benefit her.

  47. I used to be a huge Huggies fan until my son started wetting through them. They did work good for my daughters though.

  48. Having an ASD child, I know all about keeping an emergency supply wherever I go

  49. lol I don’t know what I would do if I ran out of diapers I would probably sit on the floor and cry my eyes out and never figure out what to do.. I would have also demanded my husband come right back home.. I love your idea because now that I know that is possible I will do that if I ever run out of diapers..

  50. hahaha. there’s NO SUCH THING as too many diapers!!

    for real. there’s just not.

    kids poop a lot. or pee sideways at inopportune times.

  51. I had that happen once when I was babysitting, and I opted to use the small burping cloths they had. The mom was not pleased.

  52. Running out of diapers is a personal nightmare!! I did that once with my oldest and vowed it would never happen again. I stashed diapers everywhere for years LOL! Now that my youngest is potty trained I have to remember where they all are lol!

  53. stephanie says:

    hahah! I am glad your husband was understanding!

  54. HAHAHA!! Great post 🙂

  55. I’ve had this happen with my daughters pull-ups! In fact, she just used the last one by going #2 in it. We’re potty training and she’s been doing pretty well, but still has accidents. I have her in panties until my hubby can pick up some pull-ups on his way home from work.

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