Of course you do. Today I’ll be featuring part four of the five part series on saving electricity. But first, I’ve added an exciting new feature to my blog – an enormous database of coupons. You’ll find thousands of coupon codes for major retailers including Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shops, Diapers.com, Target, Gap, Walmart, […]

Save Energy in the Kitchen

Last week I shared some tips to make your windows more energy efficient. This week I’m going to talk about saving some energy in the kitchen – sorry no tips on how to get the previous night’s burnt crusted remains off your baking dish (although a good soak will do the trick). These tips will […]

How to Get Energy Efficient Windows without Replacing Them

Last week I talked about saving on energy costs by using the heat you already have. This week, I’m going to share some surprising ways to make your windows (and doors) a little more energy efficient. First you’ll need to identify drafty windows and doors in your home (you’d be surprised how many are). To […]


There it is. Every month. Like clockwork. You pull it out of the mailbox and make that low guttural noise, knowing that you won’t like what’s inside. Slowly you open the stiff envelope and as you look it over, you feel dizzy. It’s like that moment in a horror flick when the audience is screaming […]

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