Shopping at Sears in My Pajamas (And Loving It!)

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Some of my earliest memories involve piling into the car with my mom and grandma to go shopping on Sundays. We’d run all over the place, stopping here and there for all sorts of things, but I distinctly remember Sears being one of the required stops on just about every trip.

We still shop at Sears, of course, but these days most of my Sears shopping is done online from the comfort of my couch while wearing my comfy pajamas.

What I like most about online shopping, especially when it comes to Sears’ website, is that the store’s online selection is MUCH larger than the in-store selection. You'll also find all the newest arrivals and a special section with featured marketplace offers. The result? The .com version of the store has more items in more colors and in more sizes. (The size perk is the best. Is there anything worse than visiting the store in the mall and finding the best pants in the world or the cutest shirt for your little one, but NOT in your size?)

Of course, the best part about shopping at the real world store is the ability to buy something and take it home with you 20 minutes later. With the web, you’ll have to wait for it to be shipped to you, but having it delivered right to your doorstep is pretty sweet, right? But here’s something cool about shopping online with Sears: You can buy things online and schedule an in-store pickup. Best of all, Sears guarantees to have your item ready in FIVE minutes or less. If they don’t, you get a $5 in-store coupon!

I stopped by this afternoon to do a little “Windows” shopping (Get it? Because my computer program is called “Windows?” Okay, bad joke), and here are a few items I found that I’ll be buying ASAP!

Presto Electric Griddle – My husband loves cooking pancakes and bacon on Sunday mornings, and he’s been wanting a countertop electric griddle for a long time. This one would be perfect.

 photo spa_zpsb639703a.jpg

5-Person Spa – Okay, there’s probably no chance that I’ll be buying this gorgeous spa/hot tub any time soon (and putting in my living room), but a girl can dream, right?

 photo jumper_zpse9464a42.jpg

Carter Girl’s Top & Jumper (Cats) – This is adorable, and our little one loves cats, so I know she’s love this.

10 piece comforter set – If I could buy 10 different comforter sets and switch them out every other day, I totally would … starting with this one.

Feel free to do a little “Windows” shopping of your own by stopping by for yourself. You can check out the new lineup of all that Sears has to offer. Also feel free to tweet about it (@Sears) with friends and family! And don’t worry about taking “the last one” of any of the items I listed above. When you’re shopping online with the Sears, the selection is virtually unlimited!

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  1. That girls top with the cats is sooooooooo cute! My daughter would LOVE it!

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