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This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Happy Family blogging program. All opinions are my own.

happyfamily_500x300_FINALFeeding time. It’s an adventure for any parent, especially for parents of babies or toddlers. Now, a new campaign from Happy Family (the folks who make all sorts of organic baby and toddler foods) wants to shine a funny light on food and feeding challenges faced by parents.

The campaign is called “Stories from the Bright Side.” Here’s my own story from the bright side … or should I say “frosty side.”

eva ice creamOur soon-to-be three-year-old loves ice cream. It’s a sweet tooth she gets from her father, who somehow manages to eat a big bowl of it almost every night and never gain an ounce of weight (feel free to hate him for his miraculous metabolism). Our little one doesn’t eat ice cream quite as often, but when she does, it’s serious business.

She got her first taste of ice cream when she was about nine months old and quickly made it clear that her favorite flavor was “chocolate cookie ice cream.” Not vanilla, not strawberry. It HAS to be chocolate cookie ice cream – a name she gives to just about every chocolate-based ice cream flavor.

She made an exception to the rule last summer when she devoured a mini helmet full of Moose Tracks at her first minor league baseball game (that’s her above, digging in). Actually, she was supposed to share it with her daddy, but daddy got exactly zero bites and was forced to get his own mini helmet of Moose Tracks.

As you can see from the picture above, she’s not the cleanest of eaters when it comes to ice cream. Just a few weeks ago, she insisted on feeding her daddy his nightly bowl of ice cream. The result? He ended up with half the bowl on his shirt. Was being spoon fed his favorite nightly treat worth a soiled shirt? In his own words, “Definitely, but next time I’ll wear a bib!”

To share your own “Stories from the Bright Side” about food and kids, visit the Happy Family’s Facebook page. Your story can be a video, written story or a photo. All submissions will be judged by a panel from Happy Family for a chance to win $20,000 toward college. While you’re there, check out the videos created by other mommy and daddy bloggers, who partnered with Happy Family to bring their funny stories to life.  You can also “Like” Happy Family on Facebook to get coupons for Happy Tot or Happy Baby Pouches!

Happy Family products can be found in stores nationwide. To find them near you, check out the store locator tool on their website. And once you’ve found them, feel free to use this coupon to save 50 cents off Happy Family organic snacks and meals.

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  1. Adorable! I love this.

  2. Too cute and daddy better make sure he wears a bib next time! We’re huge Happy Family fans. I’ve seen the tweets etc but have never thought about writing a story. Good luck with the contest.

  3. I love Happy Family Products. We had the opportunity to try some of their healthy snacks at an Expo we attended last Spring here in New York and they were simply delicious.

  4. That ice cream looks scrumptious!! I love when kiddos get little treats like that, and especially when you capture those special moments! Too cute 🙂

  5. Great story bout your bright side! Your little daughter looks very determined in the picture. I haven’t heard of Happy Family products until now. I will have to look at them for my grandkids.

  6. my kids are so messy with ice cream too. Very cute picture

  7. Happy Family is awesome!!! Love their yummies for my daughter.

  8. I love Happy Family products! My baby boy, Cayden got his first taste of ice cream and he loved it!!

  9. This is super cute, Happy early 3rd birthday

  10. This is awesome. My boys love to eat ice cream too.

  11. ADORABLE! Our kids eat the same way. 😉

  12. Very cute. Why is it that kids pick the messiest food to be their favorites? My son loves ice cream and he also loves Cheetos just as much. LOL

  13. she is a cutie. my baby also make messes when he eats. it gets ridiculous lol

  14. What a cute photo!! I am a huge ice cream fan, and I love making memories with familY!

  15. Now that’s a little girl with her own mind! Chocolate cookie ice-cream! I have seen ads for this competition a few times now, and thought of entering. I might just do it now that I have read your great story! So cute.

  16. That is adorable! My daughter has been such a picky eater. But we have finally found a system to get her to eat at least a few bites of her dinner. She has something she really wants be it a drink or some cheese. so we say, “if you take a bite of…XYZ…then you can have some.” She will take a bite or two and then we give her a little of what she wants. It has taken 4 years to get this to work, but it finally works now!

  17. What a great giveaway!! I love giveaways that actually give away something for a child’s education. PS your daughter is adorable!

  18. I want your Husbands metabolism!!!!!!!!!!

  19. My husband use to be like that with chips. A bag a night.
    My kids love those pouches, even being older now.

  20. Happy birthday to your cutie. Thanks for sharing your experiences. They help us all find balance in our lives.

  21. Alaina Bullock says:

    Too cute! My niece is the same way! She had ice cream the first time around 10 mos. and LOVES it! What’s funny is that she does not like any other sweets, just ice cream!

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