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Shows like A&E’s “Storage Wars” have thrust the storage industry into the national spotlight for the first time in, well, ever. Although storage auctions are a viable part of the storage industry (yes, storage auctions are open to the public!), the reason why most people interact with storage facilities is for the simple fact that people simply need more room. If you’re thinking of getting a storage unit, here are some tips for using one.

Clothes and toys – As a parent, I’m betting you have boxes and boxes of barely worn clothes that your child grew out in the blink of an eye. Toys that your children could not get enough of are left scattered throughout the house untouched. If there’s no extra space left in your house to stow it away, it may be wise to pack them in a box and save them for later. You never know if you might need them again. A friend might be expecting or another child might be on its way soon!

Emergencies – It never hurts to be prepared. With the spreading news of natural disasters, it almost seems imperative to be on your toes in regards to emergency preparedness. One way to be prepared is to buy extra bottles of water and canned food items in the event of an emergency. Not enough room in your home? Place them in a storage unit. Even if you do have room, you may want to stow extras away as well. Make sure you have necessary items (medicine, first aid kits, flashlights, etc.) stocked up in the event that a disaster occurs and you do need to evacuate.

Transitions – If you, or anyone you know are planning on transitioning into a new home, using storage to stow away your belongings during that time will definitely help, especially if you’re planning to move within the same city. You can also store bigger, non-essential items prior to your move and retrieve them later. A “slowly but surely” plan of moving will make the actual moving day less stressful.

Do you have any other tips in using storage? Share them through the comments!

This article was written by Joseph Ver who is part of the SpareFoot marketing team. SpareFoot storage finder makes finding a storage unit easy. (sponsored)

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