Quick Dinner Recipes Just Got Quicker Thanks to Land O’ Lakes Sauté Express

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pork fried rice

The other day I took a break from my weekly dinner ideas brainstorming session and I did something I usually only do about once per decade – I cleaned out the spice cabinet. Inside, I discovered little bottles of red, brown and yellow powder that I had no recollection of ever using. (I still have no idea what turmeric and marjoram are, but I must have needed them in 2006 for something.)

Long story short: I like cooking with spices, I just don’t like dealing with all those bottles and measuring spoons. That’s also one reason why I’m a big fan of new products like Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starter. The little cubes of deliciousness (you’ll find them at Walmart in the dairy aisle with the butter) combine butter, olive oil, and a variety of herbs and spices into a convenient square that cooks and flavors chicken, fish or pork in one easy step.

saute express

Sauté Express® Sauté Starter are available in five flavors – Savory Butter & Olive Oil, Italian Herb, Garlic & Herb, Teriyaki, and Lemon Pepper. In other words, a little something for every taste and just what you need for an easy chicken recipe or a quick dinner recipe.

I picked up a package of Savory Butter & Olive Oil, which contains six squares of the super simple flavored butter, to use with some pork chops. I’m not usually a big pork chop fan (neither is my husband), but with these Sauté Express® Sauté Starters, I might become a fan pretty quickly! Want to try it for yourself? Grab a coupon!

Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Pork Fried Rice


1 to 1 ½ pounds of pork chops (cubed)

1 or 2 Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starter (Savory Butter & Olive Oil)

1 tbsp Hoison sauce

¼ cups soy sauce

3 cups broccoli florets

1 to 2 cups peas

½ cup shredded carrots

4 cups rice (cooked)



Over medium heat, place one Sauté Express® Sauté Starter cube into pan and allow to melt until bubbling. (Use two cubes for extra buttery flavor!)

saute express 2

Place pork chops, cut into cubes, into pan and cook thoroughly. While pork is sautéing, cook rice.

saute express 3

After pork is cooked, toss broccoli and peas into the pan and stir to combine. Add soy sauce and hoison sauce and continue cooking until vegetables are heated through. Lower heat to low-medium and add cooked rice. Stir to combine all ingredients. Continue cooking on low heat for five minutes.

saute express 4

Immediately before serving, stir in shredded carrots. Enjoy!!

saute express 5-2


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  1. Quick is really good on days like today. I need to check their site and see what other flavors they have that I might like to try.

  2. This looks delicious! I would love to try the Teriyaki one. Thank you for sharing – and I loved your photos! They made me drool 😉

  3. Looks delish! I might just try this too! Hopping over from the UBC challenge as well 😉

    PS Tumeric sprinkled over fish fillets, pan fried with garlic strips and veg oil is really lovely!

  4. That looks so easy and delicious I love easy meals especially for the weekdays.

  5. That looks SO delicious! I have been seeing this around, looks like its time to give it a try! You have officially made me hungry 😉

  6. Oh my goodness, I had no clue it was so easy…

  7. Yummy…. I love fired rice I just cant handle the sodium because I love lots of soy sauce. I will look into a healthy way to prepare this meal.

  8. Have to make this for my husband! He is a big fan of rice foods! Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

  9. That looks SO GOOD. We don’t have pork often so this would be a fantastic meal to introduce 🙂 We love anything with rice!

  10. YUMMM! I love making homemade fried rice, so simple and delicious.

  11. Ohh, yum. I love pork friend rice. I might have to try these!

  12. ohh I love Pork fried rice. This recipe looks so simple and easy. I am book marking it so I can make it later. Thanks for sharing

  13. This looks delicious. I love fried rice!

  14. Pork Fried rice speaks to my tummy which is now growling by the way : ( Great pictures.

  15. That looks mouth watering good right now! And seems so easy!

  16. I haven’t seen this in my market yet! Your dinner looks fantastic!!

  17. It took me a while to try these little cubes, but when I did I loved them! I’ve been using them for veggies, and I think my boys would love this recipe. Looks easy, too. Thanks!

  18. This is DEF going on my dinner rotation for next week. My entire family would love this one!

  19. Awesome recipe! I’ve got to try this one for sure!

  20. Hubster would LOVE this! And I could totally do it vegetarian too.

  21. We don’t eat pork so I would have to try a different one.

  22. This sounds delicious! I never think of anything like this for our supper menu, but there’s nothing in here my family doesn’t like. We’ll be adding this to the meal plan for sure.

  23. My family loves rice, but I’ve never tried making pork fried rice myself before. This looks great.

  24. thank you for the great recipe, I haven’t tried saute express I need to pick some up and make this recipe.

  25. I love any meal that is quick to make. I haven’t tried these products yet, but my family does like rices dishes, so I will check for the brand next time I am out grocery shopping.

  26. My entire family likes poor fried rice. I haven’t tried Saute Express but it looks like it is time to pick up a box.

  27. My family would love this! Thanks for sharing.

  28. This looks SO good! We love pork fried rice! This looks easy to make!

  29. I actually just saw these products in the store. I was curious as to how good they tasted. It looks like they are awesome. I will have to pick some up the next time I go to the store. Thanks for another yummy recipe!

  30. We’ve tried those saute kits on chicken before. They are awesome and so yummy!

  31. Yum. I’m going to try this with chicken.

  32. This looks easy and beautiful! Now makes me hungry!

  33. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    This looks delicious and easy. Perfect for a busy day. Can’t wait to try it.

  34. Yum! I’m making that next week!

  35. Stir fry is a go to around her. Love the name of your blog 😉

  36. This seriously looks AMAZING…and this is how I like to cook. Short and sweet…and easy!
    I had no idea about this product…thanks for sharing. YOu are SO right about the spices…if you don’t have what the recipe calls for…you could end up having a $50 dinner that doesn’t taste that great.

  37. I’ve been meaning to try this out and now I have a great excuse. This dish looks amazing.

  38. Looks good, and pretty easy too!

  39. My family loves stir fry dishes. I enjoy making them because they are healthy, quick and pretty easy. I have never heard of the Land O’Lakes Saute Express. Iw ill have to look for it.

  40. I have never been tempted to try pork fried rice until now. That looks delicious!

  41. This looks good, of course I can’t eat pork though!

  42. I haven’t tried their butter with olive oil. It sounds really good, though. Your dinner looks great!

  43. I am always looking for ways to cook pork. We’re big rice fans too, we’ll give this a try!

  44. My mouth is watering1 So simple yet it looks like it took a lot of work. My kind of dinner.

  45. Look very easy to prepare and taste good i supposed. Would love to try this because husband love broccoli.

  46. That looks really good! It’s something my whole family would enjoy

  47. Looks good. I heard about these sauces, but haven’t tried them yet. Thanks.

  48. I love love love peas in pork fried rice. Many don’t include them!

  49. And now I’m hungry. LOL. That looks delish!

  50. My husband loves fried rice, so…thank you for a dinner idea for tonight! #client

  51. I absolutely love fried rice! And with this new product, it would save me time pounding garlic and mincing herbs to add to my rice. The time I could save would be spent in other ways – like bonding with the kids! Wonderful product! Thanks for sharing!

  52. Tory Blum says:

    This looks sooo yummy! And those photos have amazing quality as well 🙂

  53. YUM! My kids and husband would love this! I don’t use pork a lot, so I would llike to try this just for something new.

  54. Quick and yummy?! You can’t go wrong with that combination 🙂 Looks delicious!

  55. Christine @ Mama Papa Barn says:

    I love that you used a lot of vegetables in there too. Looks yummy.

  56. This looks so good! I love fried rice, and I bet that flavor gives it a great taste! #client

  57. This sounds delicious! I love that you can buy the stuff already combined. Saves a lot of space and keeps your spices from going bad. Thanks for sharing.

  58. Melissa Smith says:

    That looks so delicious & simple! Thanks for sharing!

  59. this looks so yummy! I am going to try cooking this tonight with pork chops.

  60. Wow! This looks totally appetizing yet so EASY! Love it!!!

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