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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Duracell. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I never realized until recently how many things in our home require batteries. Remote controls, smoke detectors, flashlights, cameras, clocks, video game controllers, toothbrushes, and the little dancing Santa I’ll be digging out of the attic in a few weeks. Not to mention about 129 different kids’ toys.

And you also never realize how important those batteries are until they’re dead. That’s why it’s important to buy good batteries. One of the best batteries you can buy is Duracell’s new Quantum battery. I don’t know much about batteries – I’ll be the first to admit that – but below is what I know about Duracell’s Quantum batteries. Some of these facts are a little technical, so I’ve included a translation for each one.

  1. It’s the world’s most advanced alkaline battery. No alkaline battery lasts longer. (TRANSLATION: While your other batteries are dying, the Quantum will still be going.)
  1. That power comes from its revolutionary Hi-Density Core™. (TRANSLATION: I have no idea, but it sounds pretty cool!)
  1. The Duracell Quantum is the only battery with a power indicator on the cell which allows you to see how much power is remaining. (TRANSLATION: No more throwing out perfectly good batteries, which means you’ll actually save money!)
  1. Duracell’s DURALOCK Power Preserve technology locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. (TRANSLATION: No more dead batteries in that flashlight when you need it most.)

Long story short, if you’re shopping for batteries, do yourself a favor and pick up a pack of the Duracell Quantum batteries (they’re the ones with the distinct red color).

Because Duracell understands the importance of good batteries, they’ve donated one million batteries to first responders across the nation to help them power their life-saving equipment. You should check out Duracell’s “Quantum Heroes” – a series of short documentary videos that shines a spotlight on first responders and all that they do. The series is hosted by Tim McGraw, so try not to get too distracted!

For updates and news about Duracell, feel free to follow them on Twitter or Facebook.


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  1. Savannah miller says:

    Some days I think I should just buy batteries in bulk! I think every toy my kids own needs batteries and then the game controllers too! I hate when they take batteries out of my stuff though to put in theirs!! I have a refrigerator freshener that takes 1 AAA battery I kept thinking it must have broke its not working…. Until I opened it up and realized someone kidnapped the battery lol …. Literally a Kid napped the battery hehe

  2. We try not to buy things that require batteries, but thanks for sharing!

  3. These sound great! We go through batteries like crazy so it’s important that we but batteries that last long!

  4. How timely! I just got a coupon for these in the mail. Glad to hear the review.

  5. We are entering the stage where batteries must be kept on hand at all times.. so many toys!

  6. Melissa Smith says:

    I so need these! We always have something not working because the batteries died.

  7. we have a wii remote that eats batteries like crazy, I wonder if these will help save us money and not get used up as quickly.

  8. It is buy batteries season. Thanks for explaining the Duracell Quantum batteries

  9. It’s almost Christmas time, which typically means it’s time to buy more batteries that can hold up to kids toys … I need to check these out

  10. I really think that being able to see how much power is left in the battery is a great benefit. I will have to look for these in the store. We all need crazy amounts of batteries over the holidays

  11. You know, we always say we need to keep a couple sets of batteries in storage for those what-if’s moments, but we never do… we need to check these out and do just that! 10 years is a long time!

  12. The life expectancy of a battery in my home is very short. I’m happy to know there might be an exception to the rule.

  13. I’ll be looking for these Duracell batteries this Christmas season and telling Santa about them. Santa prefers longer lasting batteries.

  14. Batteries are essential to everyday life anymore!

  15. We go through so many batteries in our house. It’s like as soon as you have kids you become overrun with batteries. I love the rechargeable batteries, so smart. I did not know about the duracell program. Thanks for sharing.

  16. The power indicator was enough to sell me! I’m always forgetting which batteries are the NEW ones to go in my stuff and which ones have already been used.

  17. I feel as though I need to get batteries in bulk as many batteries as we go through in this house.

  18. I think everything in our house requires batteries sometimes! We need to stock up on duracell before the holidays.

  19. Tim McGraw is pretty distracting…lol. I love Duracell I always stock up on them this time of year. I just got a couple of gift that will need them so I will have to get more batteries to include in the gift.

  20. I’m working on this campaign as well. I feel good about Duracell and what they have done for our first responders.

  21. I hate cheap batteries! They never last long and you end up wasting money on them. I will have to try these out and see how much better they are. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Oh these sound good we go through batteries so often and you can really tell when you buy the cheap ones as they disappear in no time. x

  23. I NEED a good battery especially for my keyboard and trackpad. The cheapos just don’t cut it!

  24. This is the time of year to stock up on batteries. I always do because we always end up with toys that need them and everyone always forgets the batteries.

  25. I agree with Jennifer. Definitely the time of year to stock up on batteries so that we will have them on hand as we open gifts!

  26. I love that they have a 10 year shelf live, that is incredible!

  27. We go through lots of batteries! I’ll try these out for sure.

  28. With the amount of batteries we go through in this house I am glad there is a battery that last longer. I will be on the lookout for these!

  29. I have heard really good things about this battery. I will have to check them out for the holiday toys!

  30. I really do need to try these. We go through AA and AAA batteries like water around here. Not only does it get expensive, but it’s also frustrating when I go to change the batteries for the remote control and realize the kids have used them all up for video game controllers!

  31. I have batteries everywhere in the house!

  32. These sound amazing! We go through batteries like they are going out of style with video game controllers and toys!

  33. I can’t wait to try it and I’m looking forward to not having to replace batteries as frequently!

  34. I tried not to get too distracted, as you suggested. It was tough. I love Tim McGraw. 🙂

  35. We do use many batteries at home and it would be very helpful if we can find one that will not require replacement as frequently as what we use now.

  36. We used duracell sometimes but our favored brand of battery is the energizer. ill take a look at the documentary, thanks for sharing

  37. I’m always looking for batteries! I really need some to last. I’ll have to try Duracell!

  38. Tory Blum says:

    The idea is Power Preserve is simply amazing! I know I threw away too many good batteries in the past..

  39. I have three teens and I think they are eating the batteries. It seems like batteries are always on my shopping list. I will have to give these Duracell Quantum batteries a try.

  40. I’m excited… Finally I can proof to my hubby that I wasn’t crazy..hahahah when I grew up in Germany we had batteries that had a power check and I had been telling my hubby about it for years he thought I’m crazy.. Sooo glad they finally have them here.. it’s a life saver, especially if the kids mix up batteries and you don’t know if they are old or new…We like Duracell, thanks for sharing

  41. It is nice to read about a quality product that will be dependable even if you don’t get a chance to use if fora long time.

  42. We’ve been using a lot of these batteries lately, they work great!

  43. Love this title! We go through batteries like crazy! I think everything we have needs batteries. This is absolutely great to know. Thanks for sharing!

  44. GREAT post and perfect in time for Christmas!! In our house, SANTA always stocks up on tons of batteries for those new toys on Christmas morning! lol

  45. Great info! I always have a supply of batteries in hand between toys, remotes, medical devices they are pretty much a necessity

  46. I have rechargeable batteries so I don’t have to worry about getting new ones all the time. But for some reason, they always get lost!

  47. I’ve always been a fan of Duracell, but switched to rechargeable batteries

  48. I hate shopping for batteries. I never know which ones will work best for certain products.. some products use certain batteries faster than other ones.. I wish I could find just one brand of battery that has a long life for all battery powered products

  49. Catherine Tabal says:

    You’re absolutely right.. very informative post.. .. I also suggest for those who are seeking for a good and great supply of batteries ..better choose “Duracel Quantum”..

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