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“Mom! Can I have a snack?”


“Mom! He’s touching me!”

Go away.

“Mom! Mom! Mom? MOM!!!”


“Are you done yet?”


You’ve done it. I’ve done it. Moms all across the globe have done it. Hiding in the bathroom is sometimes the only time in a momma’s day when she is truly alone. And she might even get a few precious minutes of peace without a kid banging on the door. Maybe. Just maybe.

Usually though your time in the bathroom goes a little something like the above. Or you end up cleaning up after a child who has poor aim. Or you end up weeping sweeping after a child decided to play barber shop on her little brother. Or you find your cell phone taking a swim. But sometimes, just sometimes, you get a little moment of silence.

In honor of mom’s go-to hiding place, an “Ode to the commode,” Clorox has launched the Last Comic Sitting contest. Over the past few weeks, five moms and five dads have been battling it out for the title of Last Comic Sitting. Head over to the Clorox Lounge to watch each parent perform a comedy bit and vote for your favorite. The Last Comic Sitting will be crowned the winner and receive $10,000.Two have already been flushed, so hurry on over!

You can also enter to win fun prizes, coupons, and yes, even $10,000 by signing up at the Clorox Lounge. And every time you log in or leave a comment on a blog post or picture, you’ll receive an additional entry. Plus you can participate in the weekly community contests by sharing a funny moment in your life and be entered to win a $100 gift card. But even if your story is “tanked,” you’ll still have a chance to win one of 10 Clorox Prize Packs given away every week.

You can follow the contest on Clorox’s Ode to the Commode Facebook page here:

AND THE WINNER IS: My hubby played the part of random comment chooser. At first, he chose one of my comments. But I really didn’t think that would be fair. So the next number he chose was … commenter number 8! Congratulations to Kristie! She will get a signed copy of Robin O’Bryant’s book Ketchup is a Vegetable. Check back next week for a chance to win another hilarious book!

Disclosure: This blog post was written while participating in the SocialMoms and Clorox blogging program to earn My SocialMoms Rewards Points. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here .

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