The MinuteClinic: Your Doctor’s Office Just Moved into CVS #MC

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CVS MinuteClinic. I received promotional items as a thank you for participating. minuteclinic

Is there ever a good time to get a cold or flu? Not really, but there are definitely the worst times to get sick. Right before a wedding is pretty bad timing (especially if it’s your own wedding). During a major holiday? That’s no fun. During a particularly busy time at work? No, thank you.

And since illness and injury don’t wait for an invitation, it only gets worse when your affliction doesn’t match your doctor’s office hours. That’s okay, because now there’s help. CVS – the nice people who have all of the medicine that will make you better – also have something called MinuteClinic.

The MinuteClinic is a walk-in clinic located in select CVS/pharmacy stores in 28 states and DC. They are open 7 days a week with evening hours and you don’t need to make an appointment. That’s right, you just walk in and get help!

The MinuteClinic is staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants, so they know what they’re doing. It can be a convenient and affordable option, especially during the winter months when physician offices may not have a timely appointment and the ER and urgent care centers have longer wait times and higher costs. PLUS, they can work with your health insurance. So they’re pretty much like your doctor’s office, but instead of having only one location and limited hours, they’ve got many locations and very flexible hours!

Thanks to MinuteClinic, CVS is now a one-stop shopping destination for cold-cough and flu essentials during the wintertime. Of course, the MinuteClinic medical staff can treat things other than colds and flu. Here are some of the services you’ll find at a CVS MinuteClinic:

  1. Diagnose, treat and write prescriptions for common family illnesses, including strep throat, bladder infections, pink eye and fussy three-year-old. (Just kidding about the fussy three-year-old, but they do sell toys at CVS, so they sort of treat that.)
  1. Provide common vaccinations for flu, pneumonia, pertussis, and hepatitis, among others.
  1. Treat minor wounds, abrasions, joint sprains and skin conditions such as poison ivy.
  1. Provide a wide range of wellness services, including sports and camp physicals, smoking cessation and TB testing.
  1. Offer routine lab tests, instant results and education for those with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or asthma.

I don’t know about you, but with a CVS MinuteClinic located just five minutes from my house (and our doctor’s office 30 minutes from our house), I’m definitely going to be giving the MinuteClinic a try! Feel free to follow the CVS MinuteClinic on Facebook or Twitter for updates and health tips.

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  1. I haven’t tried the minute clinics yet, there is always such a long line at the CVS pharmacy in my neighborhood that I have given up on them. Someday I may give it a go. I am glad to hear you had a great experience

  2. We have a Patient First near our home so we go there for quickies. I have never tried CVS’ minute clinic to be honest though. I don’t like the one near where I live.

  3. My friend’s brother lives in FL and he says there are minute clinics there. We always tell him when we move there I’ll get a job at one!

  4. Wow! makes me wish we had a CVS pharmacy locally! what a great idea..

  5. I just checked and saw that they have a Minute Clinic a few towns away from where I live which is good to know!

  6. We have CVS pharmacies all over our area. I will have to check and see if any of them has a Minute Clinic. What a great resource!

  7. WE have a ton of walk in clinics in Canada. They are very useful when a child gets ill AFTER HOURS!

  8. I love CVS, that’s amazing that they are offering minute clinics, I live in Florida and love that they offered in several stores here! Such a convenient and accessible way for everyone to get the medical attention they need.

  9. We have a similar program like that here in the Philippines. They provide free consultations, blood pressure and blood glucose checking. They may not have services as extensive as what you have there, but at least its free.

  10. We have something similar in Canada. We get flu shots, blood pressure, etc at our local Shoppers Drug Mart.

  11. I’m so looking forward to when they add those into the CVS stores in my town!

  12. The minute clinic is such a great idea. We have them where I live and I have mentioned their services to numerous friends and family when they need medical care for minor illnesses. Great service!

  13. I wonder if we have a minute clinic in our area? I think it’s great to have something like that around

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