How to Be the Coolest House on Your Block this Halloween

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sam’s Club for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

CheetosCube_zps7b3f6e82We’ve never given out treats during Halloween, because we’ve always been the ones going door-to-door, but our three-year-old will someday outgrow the annual candy-gathering tradition. And when she does, you can rest assured we’ll be one of those houses with the really awesome treats. (Seriously, some people still give out raisins and toothbrushes!)

The cool treats on our menu might include full-sized candy bars (because there’s nothing “fun” about those fun-sized bars), anything with chocolate and peanut butter, or snack-sized bags of goodies like Cheetos®. Now that I think about it, it would definitely be the Cheetos®. After all, it’s better to yummy and unique than to be lost in a sea of chocolate clones!

Cheetos® has made it easy and fun to be the “cool house” with its new Cheetos® Halloween Cube. The box of awesomeness is available only at Sam’s Club and includes 65 snack-sized bags of the cheesy treats. And here’s the best part: The bags glow in the dark! Guess whose pumpkins won’t get smashed by the neighborhood punks this year? (Answer: The people who give away glow-in-the-dark Cheetos®!)  

The Cheetos® Halloween Cube is perforated, which makes it easy to share the bags with trick-or-treaters or at classroom parties. Of course, you can also keep the Halloween Cube all to yourself so you won’t have to raid your kid’s candy stash – even though you probably still will.

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  1. I saw these and sam’s club and EVERYONE had them in their carts!

  2. we love cheetos, and when we give out these chips we are one of the most popular houses on the block on Halloween.

  3. I have to work so I’ll miss Halloween : ( but I’ll keep this idea in mind for next year!

  4. Cheetos are awesome! That is a great idea!

  5. Cheetos are such a treat to my kids. I think they would love receiving these over chocolate!

  6. It sure looks like a fun idea, especially with the glow in the dark feature. They should add those to other candies and treats.

  7. I actually haven’t seen these, but they look very tempting

  8. Haha! I’ve never thought of that before!

  9. I love cheetos! This is such a great idea!

  10. Ohh, fun! I bet you will be the cool house this year!

  11. Ummm no. I wouldn’t want the cube,I’d want what’s inside of it. I love Cheetos.

  12. Oh that would be the house my kids would love to go to. Me too.

  13. My son would eat all of these before I even got to hand them out-LOL! Love it!

  14. These look really awesome and I SO agree with you on the “fun size” candy bar LOL! I want the big size too!

  15. Lindsey SIlvestrini says:

    That is so fun! It’s one of those things that you just wonder why no one ever thought of before!

  16. LOL..I agree! When it’s time to hang up my trick-or-treating hat and my kids have outgrown the tradition, we definitely will be trying to out “do” the other houses on our block too! The Cheetos Halloween Cube sounds pretty cool! Raisins and toothbrushes, blah. 😛

  17. What a cool idea – extra spooky as well that they glow in the dark – I’m sure that would have been much talked about when I was a child x

  18. Awesome much better than candy, in my opinion.

  19. This is such a great idea. I would love for my kids to receive this instead of candy. Love the box.

  20. I love cheetos, I think they are much better than candies.

  21. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Once the word gets out, yours will be the popular house this year!

  22. Savannah miller says:

    Yum Cheetos! If someone gave my little guy a bag of these for Trick or treat I would most likely steal them lol

  23. I wish trick or treating would be done in Spain too! I really would love to eat all that candy 😀

  24. My kids love Cheetos

  25. I would have been crazy for these had I received them as a child. Nobody did fun stuff like this!

  26. Glow in the dark bags! That is very cool! I need to check these out next time I am at Sam’s!

  27. Man, now Im dying for a bag of Cheetos! Seriously..yum!

  28. So much fun for Halloween and better than candy….who wouldn’t love getting these!

  29. I love Cheetos and would bee happy for my child to receive these instead of candy. One can only consume so much candy!

  30. My kids love cheetos. They haven’t seen this yet but I am sure they will be begging for it if they do.

  31. We have so few trick-or-treaters that we actually buy them just for each child. They are neighbors so we know what candy they like, there is only 4 so we get them quite a bit. They love coming to our house, one is upset this year because his parents said he is too old.

  32. My boys would love this! Fantastic idea!

  33. My kids made me get some to share at their class parties!!! I foresee lots of them in school lunches on Friday 😉

  34. I think we need these for us instead of the trick-or-treaters. LOL!

  35. Great idea, I never thought to do those snack bags of chips or cheetos!

  36. I agree about the candy bars. I always thought “fun” size should be the really BIG ones!

  37. I love that they made the packaging Halloween themed. WIth all the candy the kids will be getting, I think a bag of chips would be a great treat.

  38. i love the idea of snack bags!

  39. How neat! We are always out trick or treating, so we leave a bucket at our door!

  40. Cheetos are a good snack all the time. My children really enjoy them.

  41. my kids brought some of these to lunch today in their lunchboxes. they’d seen them and insisted i get some — we don’t get many trick or treaters so they got one for a treat with lunch today!

  42. Cute !!! We have a Sam’s about 20 miles away..I should check it out.

  43. So glad your house is safe from egging!! Looks like you found a great treat to give out 🙂

  44. I wonder how many families made use of this last night.

  45. I think giving away things like cheetos is a great idea, I am not a fan of getting the kids all high on sugar

  46. My children got chips from a few house…better than candy.

  47. I love anything that comes in an organized easy to hand out way. My kids love halloween because its about the only time they get to have what they want for snacks and more than just a little candy – and they love Cheetos. I think most kids do – I have no idea why! There is something about the magic of the powdered cheese puff. I love the box design – I will be the coolest Mom in the classroom because I will pick up a few boxes to take into my sons classroom for snack time over the next week.

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