Conquering Holiday Clutter (and Learning Spanish) with the Brother P-Touch Label Maker

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I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Brother P-touch. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

label makerWhen it comes to being organized, I’ve been known to go a little overboard. My spice cabinet is organized alphabetically. Our family photos are sorted on our computer in folders by year and in sub-folders by month or major holiday or major milestone. I make lists for just about everything. I’ve even been known to make lists of my lists (no kidding!).

That obsession for organization is what makes me very happy to announce that I’ve been chosen as a Brother P-Touch Ambassador and have been asked to test and review the Brother P-Touch PT-H100 label maker. I currently don’t own a label maker (my last one died about four years ago), so the opportunity is perfect for me.

The timing is also good. With the holidays approaching, I tend to get a little overwhelmed by the holiday clutter. I plan to put the P-Touch label maker to good use to get a handle on the holiday craziness (more on that in a future blog entry). For now, I got to work by testing out my favorite new tool and labeling things around the house.

I have to admit, out of all the label makers I’ve owned in my life – going way back to the old school ones that pressed white letters into the colored plastic labels (remember those?!) – the Brother P-Touch has the coolest features. And even with all those neat features, it’s also super simple to use!

Here are just few of the awesome features of the PT-H100 label maker, which costs only about $35:

  • One-touch keys (Quickly access font sizes, styles, frames and patterns!)
  • Portable, handheld design (Just grab it and go to town.)
  • Cable labeling feature to organize your wires and cables (No more craziness behind the TV!)
  • Uses laminated tapes up to 12mm wide (Great for indoor or outdoor use.)
  • Easy-access memory (You can store up to 9 “Favorite” labels.)
  • 12 Deco Mode patterns, plus 9 Auto Design formats (Lots of fun frames and symbols!)
  • Label faster using one of the decorative, pre-formatted label designs (Label faster? Don’t mind if I do!)

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Brother P-touch will be having special promotions and deals at select retail locations. You can find 25th anniversary deals at Office Max, Staples, and Office Depot.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll give you an update next month about how I’m using the label maker to take some of the craziness out of Christmas. For now, I’m using the label maker to help teach our daughter (and my husband) Spanish by labeling objects around the house. So far, it’s “perfecto”!

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  1. I’m fairly certain that if I were told that I could only have one item from an office supply store for the rest of my life, that the P-Touch label maker would be it. They’re so versatile and fun to use!

  2. I have always wanted my daughter to learn another language, and using a label maker is a great idea, something that would be great for my family thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a great idea!! Very creative.

  4. I have wanted a label maker for years (what with me being OCD about everything being organized and all) – but it never occurred to me to use it for teaching languages! My littles are studying French, and I’m embarrassed with how rusty I’ve gotten. This would be such a big help! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Savannah miller says:

    I need this! Every year my Christmas stuff gets thrown in boxes and when its time to pull them back out I forget whats in every box!

  6. That is a great idea with the language lessons!
    I like label makers because it makes organization look more streamlined than just taping a piece of paper on to a box as label.

  7. I need a good label maker… Somewhere around here I have one of those old ones. May be time to update!

  8. I love label makers so much. When I used to work in an office that had one, I labeled EVERYthing. Possibly driving my coworkers a little crazy, but I didn’t care.

    Great tip to use it to help with learning a second language.

  9. I love the idea of using the labels to help with learning a new language! That would seriously have come in handy when we were learning German!!

  10. I used to love my label maker, until I saw this one. 😉 I think I need this!!

  11. such a great idea to use the label maker to help teach another language.I use my label maker all of the time

  12. What an awesome idea! We love our Labeler!

  13. i love a good labelmaker. i should get a second one for my family to use, since i refuse to share. or i’d get the new one and give them the old. LOL

  14. I could really use one of these to help me be more organized!

  15. I’ve always wanted one of these, so cool! I adore your idea, that is fantastic!!!

  16. I have been saying I need one of these so bad. I need to keep my eyes out this holiday season for the deals.

  17. I had a labelmaker when I was younger. I labeled everything! I never thought to use it to teach another language. What a great idea.

  18. This is awesome. I have not seen one of these since I was a kid – I had one for crafts – but I love it and I am going to have to invest in one.

  19. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Oh my gosh, if I had one of these, I drive my family nuts! I’d label everything!

  20. What a great idea to label things in another language… might be good for sight words, as well… Thank you for the ideas

  21. What a creative teaching tool! (Also, I had to LOL at “Mommy’s wine”) 🙂

  22. I’ve been dying for a label maker. I don’t really need one but I would have so much fun labeling stuff and organizing stuff! lol

  23. I love my ptouch! I use it for everything!

  24. I have a different label maker by Brother, because I use it to put banners on ribbons for funeral arrangements. I wish they had one even bigger, too! But I’ll tell you this, Nothing could be easier! I’m so glad I have it and Im certain your very organized kitchen is glad, too!

  25. I need one of these for my studio. I spend hours looking for stuff!

  26. I’ve never gotten started with a label maker because I’m afraid I’ll never stop. EVERYTHING in my house will be labeled I’m afraid. LOL

  27. The brother P touch label maker is a my dream office tool, but I don’t think my family would let me have one. I would have way too much fun. Love that you are using it to learn Spanish.

  28. What a great idea! I need one of those label makers.

  29. Really smart idea! I wanna learn Spanish as well:)

  30. I used to love having a label maker as a kid. I also used them to label everything and learn a language. It’s a great strategy!

  31. You’re brilliant, so very brilliant. I couldn’t love this idea of how to use the labeler more!

  32. I love my label maker but never thought to use it to help learn a new language. Clever idea.

  33. I love being organized and I love label makers. Makes sense, I guess.

    What a really innovative way to help your family learn a language. That is brilliant!

  34. Label makers are a great way of helping people get and stay organized.

  35. Now I have to have one of these! What an awesome idea use the Label Maker to help with Spanish lessons. I can see this helping us tremendously! Thanks for the idea!

  36. This is such a great idea! I’m totally loving it!

  37. i want to get a label maker so bad!


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