Happy Starts with ALPO: A Focus Group with Our Pooch

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALPO® Brand Dog Food    for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Think that's funny? See what else our focus group has to say about our favorite blogger dogs.

See the focus group dogs in the video above? They love ALPO. They love how it gives them a shiny coat and they love how it gives them lots of energy. So you can imagine how curious I was to see if my own dog – a 12-year-old Boxer named Ali – would react the same way.

You may remember me sharing the news here on my blog that ALPO asked me to let Ali serve as a real life member of the ALPO doggy focus group team by trying some of their  wet foods. Ali snacked on some ALPO Chop House Chucks in Gravy and their Homestyle Prime Cuts in Gravy.

Before I get to Ali’s reaction to the food, I should share a few facts about ALPO. It’s 100% complete and balanced with quality ingredients, like healthy protein sources, wholesome grains and accents of vegetables. The end result is a complete and balanced diet for each life stage of your dog.

So what was Ali’s reactions to the food? We staged a one-dog focus group here in our house, and here’s what he had to say:

ME: “Wow, you really seem to be enjoying that ALPO, Ali!”

ALI: “Woof! Wooooooof!” (Translation: “Yup! Hold on a sec while I finish these last few bites!”

ME: “So was the ALPO everything you hoped it would be?”

ALI: “Woof! Grrrr … Woof! Woof!” (Translation: “Heck yeah! This stuff was even better than that hot dog I stole off your plate last weekend!”)

ME: “That’s good to hear! I see you’ve got your energy back, too!”

ALI: “Woof! WOOF!” (Translation: “You’re tellin’ me! Chasin’ squirrels, fetching sticks. I feel six years old again!”)

For more information about ALPO’s dog foods, feel free to check out ALPO'S homepage or ALPO’s Facebook Page. You should also check out ALPO® Instagram page. While you’re on there, feel free to Watch more blog dog videos and get inspired to share photos and videos of your dog with #HappyStartsHere.

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  1. this would be great if i had a dog, my dog that i had got ran over by a car

  2. Savannah miller says:

    Okay I had to giggle at the videos! Ralph was to funny lol
    I have never tried Alpo with my pups before, but I would be willing to try it! I’m always looking out for the best products possible for them 🙂

  3. I love this so cute. Wonder if my doggie would try it.

  4. Alpo is our back up dog food. My dog has a wicked sensitive stomach and can eat only one brand without having gastrointestinal distress. We often run out and have to get something at a local store so we always get Alpo, it’s the next best thing to his prescription food!

  5. ALPO is the only thing my mom’s dog will eat and it’s a good thing because its also the only dog food he isn’t sensitive to!

  6. I loved that video, definitley needed that today. If my dogs could talk, I would be in serious trouble! They do love their Alpo though, I do not need them to talk to know that.

  7. That was a great video!!! When we had our boxer, he LOVED Alpo (& we loved it for him)

  8. This post makes me wish for a dog of our own!! Great video– even for non-dog owners.

  9. Awesome video! May try this 🙂

  10. LOL, love the interview. My dogs love Alpo. It is nutritious and they seem to like how it tastes.

  11. we don’t have a do right now but planning to have one soon, I will keep this product in mind 🙂

  12. I might have to try ALPO with my dog Foxy! She could use a little more energy!

  13. Alpo is great dog food!

  14. I’m glad ALPO is making such an impact in your house and pleasing your pooch! Those videos are really cute!

  15. OUr dog is quite old and really picky with her food. But I do like the fact that it’s complete with most everything she’ll need. We’ll have to give it a try.

  16. I remember when Lorne Green used to do commercials for Alpo.

  17. I don’t think we have this in the UK but it sounds so good for them!

  18. I have never heard of Alpo before. My dog eats benefils and won’t eat anything else. Alpo sounds like a great product! I wish he’d eat others!

  19. Ralph is the funniest! great info. We don’t use Alpo…but, you’ve given me great info to check into! Thanks

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