What I Wish I Could Give Up for Lent

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I don’t usually start thinking about Lent until Fat Tuesday – it’s just so traumatizing to imagine all the things I could potentially give up for 40 days, like being pregnant all over again, except the days are weeks. But since it’s here, I guess I should get it over with.

Most years I hesitantly kiss goodbye something that I’m deliciously addicted to, like McDonalds or soda, because you know, I’m such a fat ass and all. As I try to determine what I will sacrifice this year, I’ve come up with quite a list of things I wish I could whack.

  1. The hot dog song – One of these days, that song is going to have me wandering the streets in my jammies, screaming in horror when I hear the word “hot dog.”
  2. Snoring – More specifically, my husband’s snoring. Unfortunately I think it’s illegal to stifle it with a pillow…on his face.
  3. Bad doggy breath – Enough said
  4. Cleaning – We’ve gone to the moon, created touch screen cells phones and cured fatal illnesses. Why the hell can’t someone come up with a way to eliminate dust…permanently?
  5. Paying bills – I keep marking them “return to sender,” but apparently the electric company has no sense of  humor.
  6. Mondays – Since I change diapers all week, I put my husband on diaper duty during the weekend, making Mondays especially miserable for me.
  7. Wine – Just kidding, honey! I wouldn’t do that to my hubby. He’ll end up wandering the streets in his jammies, crying anytime someone mentions “wife.”
  8. Calorie counting – Better yet, as long as I’m wishing, let’s change this one to calories. Period.
  9. Justin Bieber – That kid and his stupid haircut are everywhere and frankly, guys should never, ever wear skinny jeans. Ever.
  10. Cold, rainy weather – I’m so anxious for spring. I’d love a permanent spring…or fall. I’m not picky.

The list could go on and on I’m sure, but you’ll have to excuse me while I go hose off the kid and Febreze the dog’s mouth.

What could you do without for 40 days?

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  1. I could give up my kids getting up early on the weekends!!

  2. Diet Soda!! Just kidding I would last about 3 hours. I was thinking I will give up candy from the co-workers candy bowl. That will be a challenge but I think I can do it!!!

    • Momma on the Rocks momma on the rocks says:

      You’re crazy if you give up diet soda. That’s very challenging. Of course, you could just drink more wine and then I bet you wouldn’t care about the soda.

  3. My nephew loves the MMClubhouse, so I am with you on the Hot Dog Song! I would like to give up having to check voicemails and return phone calls for 40 days!

    • …and now I have the Hot Dog Song stuck in my head. On the other hand, it was written and performed by one of my favorite bands from my younger days: They Might Be Giants.

      BTW, nice “Mardi Gras” variation on your banner. Very cute!

      • Momma on the Rocks momma on the rocks says:

        That damn song really sticks in your brain. I’m starting to wonder if there are subliminal messages in there somewhere.

  4. Thank goodness I have no idea what the hotdog song is! I could do without working (luckily I will get to experience this in May for at least 40 days). I will gladly give up all alcohol and deli meats for Lent. In the spirit of your post, I’d like to give up all new reality shows (I mean REALLY…how many more shows about how many new things are they going to come up with?!), I’ll also gladly give up being on call for work, all teenybopper shows in the CW, and the entire Kardashian empire and everything related to it. Also, all references to LiLo, Justin Beiber, anyone Related to American Idol, and Miley Cyrus.

    • Momma on the Rocks momma on the rocks says:

      lol! You sound like me when I was pregnant. I already gave up so much that I wasn’t sure what to give up. I think I gave up BK that year…

      How did you ever get out of the absurdity of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? You have to watch it!

  5. Great list, I wish I could get rid of my husbands snoring! 🙂 I am a new follower from the Tiggerific Tuesday Blog Hop. I would love for you to hop over and visit Saving and Sharing It. You can also link up to my Time for Sharing Tuesday Blog Hop.


  6. Stalked you on G+

    I am thinking what to give up too. But there should be one or two ^_^

  7. I don’t like CAPTCHA. I can’t read that blogger CAPTCHA. It drives me crazy 🙂

    I am visiting tonight from the Alexa hop. Glad I did. You put a smile on my face.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. THANK YOU for including Justin Bieber on the list (or “the Beebs” as I call him when I’m giving my dtr a hard time about denying her crush). And I’ll second the Spouse Snore.

  9. Taxes….All of em.

  10. Oh my gosh – so true! I really liked DUST. Why haven’t they gotten rid of that yet? WTF? I think I might give up exercise… 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to finding the funny! I pinned it to our Pinterest board, and I’ll be sharing it on FB/Twitter this week!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    My husband used to snore horribly, but then had to get his tonsils out, and now he’s pretty quiet and I can sleep when he’s home!

    I could do without Spongebob. Thankfully, I think my 7 year old is losing interest, but yeah… not a good start to a Saturday!

  12. Momma on the Rocks momma on the rocks says:

    Gosh I hope sponge bob is gone before my daughter gets to that age!


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