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When most people think of corn dogs, they probably think of tasty quick snacks at a carnival or the state fair. That’s understandable, because nothing beats a good hot dog on a stick after a spin on the ferris wheel – except maybe corn dogs at home with an assortment of tasty homemade dipping sauces.

To create our state fair snack at home (with super awesome dipping sauces that you can’t get at the state fair), I stopped at Sam’s Club to pick up a 30-pack of Country Ribbon Corn Dogs. After that, I made a pit stop at Sam’s Club to pick up the ingredients I’d need for my dipping sauces, including a Sweet & Spicy Chili Sauce, Creamy Chili Sauce, Cheddar Cheese Sauce, and a Honey Mustard Sauce. (See sauce recipes and photos at the bottom of this entry.) You can find the Corn Dogs in the frozen food section.

country ribbon corn dogs #shop

What’s nice about the Country Ribbon Corn Dogs (besides the low price – just $9.98!), is that they taste even better than any of the corndogs you’d get at the carnival. The finished snack had a deliciously crispy outer shell that gave the corn dogs a deep-fried texture without having to deep fry them. The honey batter breading (made with real honey!) also had the perfect amount of sweetness.

country ribbon corn dogs #shop

Busy moms will also appreciate the fact that each corn dog comes individually wrapped, which makes them a nice quick snack if you need to add some protein snack ideas to your menu. Cooking corn dogs is easy, too. You can prepare the Country Ribbon Corn Dogs in the microwave, but I cooked ours in the oven.

The corn dogs taste great even without dipping sauces, but the four sauces I whipped up really brought this snack to life. Our three-year-old gobbled up two of the corn dogs (sauce free) all by herself. Hubby devoured three and agreed with me that the Honey Mustard Sauce and Creamy Chili Sauce were the best of the saucy bunch! (See below for the recipes.)

For samples of Country Ribbon Corn Dogs, check out the in-store demos on January 3-4 at participating Sam’s Club locations. For more information, check out the Tyson website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Sweet & Spicy Chili Sauce

sweet chili sauce

Saute 2 cloves of minced garlicAdd in 1/8 cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of water, 1 tsp of salt, 1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes and bring to a boil
Mix 1 tbsp of cornstarch with 1 tsbsp of cold water
Add to sauce and continue stirring over medium heat until thick

Creamy Chili Sauce

creamy chili sauce

Mix 3 tbsp of mayo with 3 tbsp of sriracha, 1 tsp of lime juice and 1/2 tsp of teriyaki sauce until well combined

Cheddar Cheese Sauce

creamy cheese sauce

Heat 1/2 cup milk with 10 oz can of condensed cheddar cheese soup over medium heat. Add 1 cup of shredded cheddar and 1 tsp of mustard. Continue stirring until thoroughly combined.

Honey Mustard Sauce

honey mustard

Combine 1/2 cup of mayo with 2 tsp of dijon mustard, 2 tsp of regular mustard and 3 tsp of honey. Stir until mixed well.

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  1. OMG. I love corndogs! I buy them everytime I do my grocery. I usually buy the POGO brand and I actually call them Pogos instead of corndogs HEHE. But thank you for the recipes! Bookmarked this. I’ll try these dipping sauces soon!

  2. I’m always up for trying anything. I’m personally not a fan of corn dogs but I couldn’t hurt my child as a treat to try them out every once and a while.

  3. We usually have corndogs with spicy ketchup, but these sauces are definitely something new to try with them. The honey mustard sauce would also do well with fish and shrimps, while the sweet and spicy sauce would work with calamares (deep fried squid rings). Thank you for sharing. Made me crave for corn dogs (at half past midnight!) 🙂

  4. Can you believe this but I have never actually tried a corn dog! Sad eh?! LOL! They look like a great snack though. The creamy chilli sauce looks so amazing – I would love to use that as just a regular dip!

  5. Savannah miller says:

    Okay I am so trying all those sauces!!! I agree that is a great price for them, next time I go to Sams I’m putting them on my list. My youngest is silly he likes me to cut down the middle of his and pour his sauce inside. My oldest likes to take it apart, he totally ruins the fun of eating food on a stick lol

  6. They will always be Pogos to me, but I haven’t had a corn dog in several years; I kind of missed having them with a ton of mustard.

  7. I’ll have to try some of these sauces. Especially the Creamy Chili one!

  8. It has been a really long time since I have had a corn dog. They are so delicious. These dip recipes look incredible AND easy!

  9. My boys LOVE Corn Dogs and I keep them on hand for after school snacks. I love the sauces and know the boys would love the Creamy Chili Sauce!

  10. Momma on the Rocks Momma on the Rocks says:

    These are seriously the best corn dogs I’ve ever had! You guys would love them!

  11. Corn Dogs are so delicious.. my niece loves it..
    Thanks for sharing the receipe

  12. My kids love corndogs!! They remind me of warm summer time at the carnival!

  13. I’ve never tried a corn dog, but they look SO good…and those sauces? I’m so hungry right now!

  14. I love corn dogs, but I buy the beef kind, because we don’t eat pork

  15. these look very good. my family loves corndogs and i love the fact that 30 come in a pack it will last for a lot of weekend snacks.

  16. My daughter LOVES corn dogs but silly me, I keep serving them with just ketchup. Your sauces are making my mouth water and I can appreciate how simple they seem to make. Thanks! #client

  17. We love corn dogs too. Did you see that the State corn dogs come wrapped individually? Just found out and love them!

  18. My boys love corn dogs. I think they would eat them ever day if I let them. I will look for this brand next time I head to Sams

  19. I have never tried a corn dog before. For some reason it is not something that has ever appealed to me. Maybe if I worked the courage to just try one I may feel different.
    Your sauces though all look so tasty!! I especially like the sound and look of the creamy chili sauce and honey mustard sauce. These sauces would probably work with other things as well such as chicken or plain hot dogs.

  20. My kids love corn dogs (probably because I rarely buy them!). Those dipping sauces would go well with so many things though. Pinning this so I can try them all.

  21. Oh.My.Word. I love corn dogs, and get strong cravings for them at times. Love the way you’ve presented them here; will have to give a try.

  22. These are pre-made, frozen corn dogs?! I would have never imagined.. they look super tasty. Love the sauces, too. Honey mustard is my fave, especially with a corn dog.

  23. They’d all have a totally different taste with the fun sauces. Great idea!

  24. Our kids would love those (great idea w/ the sauces!)

  25. Love these dip ideas. Perfect for adults to enjoy corn dogs too! #client

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