Dear Hubby: Please Read These Energy-Saving Summer Tips

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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of PPL Electric Utilities. All opinions expressed in this post and blog are my own. #ProjectEnvolve #GetEnvolved


Each summer, there’s a power struggle in our house between my husband and I. No, I’m not talking about a battle over who gets to pick the amusement park (that’s easy…our four-year-old picks), I’m talking about a true power struggle over electricity usage.

My husband is a notorious summer power-waster. He prefers to keep the air conditioning at a chilly 70 degrees in the summer, while I like a more energy efficient 76 degrees. He likes to cook all sorts of better-for-the-winter oven meals, while I prefer slow-cooker or outdoor grilling. (All I have to do is hint at grilling some burgers or ribs, and he usually changes his mind.)

With that in mind, I’m happy to share the following summer energy-saving tips with you, which I’ve learned with a little help from the folks at Project Envolve, which is sponsored by PPL Electric Utilities. And yes, I will be forwarding a link to this blog entry to my husband, who’s probably got the AC cranked low and the windows wide open because he “likes the smell of the freshly-cut grass.”

1. CLEAN OR CHANGE YOUR AIR CONDITIONER FILTERS ONCE A MONTH – Clean filters mean a more energy-efficient AC, and that’s good for your electric bill. (Dear Hubby: Please check ours soon. I’m pretty sure I saw a gaggle of dust bunnies frolicking in ours last week.)

2. LIGHT SMARTER WITH LEDs – With LEDs bulbs, you’ll use up to 90% less energy and save up to $80 over the bulb’s lifetime. And the more bulbs you switch, the more you’ll save. PPL Electric Utilities customers can learn more about LEDs and get instant discounts at participating stores. (Dear Hubby: Those funny-shaped bulbs you bought at the store last week…those are the ones.)

3. SAVE IT FOR LATER – Put off heat-producing tasks like baking, using the dishwasher or doing laundry until cooler evening hours. (Dear Hubby: No, I’m not being lazy, I’m saving money. Not that you’d ever call me lazy, because you know I would hurt you if you did.)

4. USE FANS – Ceiling fans are your best friend, just be sure to turn them off when you’re not in the room. Portable fans like the one we have (below) also work wonders. (Dear Hubby: No, you can’t use a fan AND set the thermostat to 70 degrees.)

photo 2-10

5. USE WINDOWS AND BLINDS WISELY – Keep your windows closed during the day and open them at night to let cool air in. Also use blackout curtains to keep the sun out. (Dear Hubby: Thank you for cutting the grass. It smells wonderful. Now please close the window!)

6. WATCH THE THERMOSTAT – Buy a programmable thermostat to automatically change the temperature at various parts of the day. Try not to keep a 70 degree house during the summer, and turn the temperature up to 78 or 80 degrees when you’re not home. (Dear Hubby: That little box on the wall? Hands off.)

7. CHANGING YOUR COOKING HABITS – Avoid making meals in the oven, which can make your home feel like, well, an oven. Click on the picture below to for microwave meals. (Dear Hubby: Your idea for “Thanksgiving in July” sounds tempting, but it’ll have to wait.)

project envolve 1 pin

So there you have it. Seven tips you (and your hubby) can put to good use this summer to save energy and save money. We definitely plan to implement ALL of these ideas immediately, in addition to some other power-saving home improvements like sealing cracks around our windows and doors.

For more tips, check out the handy infograph below. You can also check out PPL Electric Utilities’ Pinterest boards for more money and energy-saving tips!


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  1. Twins! My Dave is the same way!!! Great tips!


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