Softer Underarms in Just Three Days with Dove Advanced Care

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I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central for Dove. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


Do you think men ever have to worry about how their underarms look? I’m willing to bet 99 percent of guys probably don’t. Women, on the other hand, are cursed with underarms being yet another body part that society tells us we have to keep smooth, hairless and looking presentable.

“Presentable” underarms are especially important in the warmer months, when we can’t use long pants and sweaters to hide the fact that we’re giving our razors a break. And any product that makes that process easier (and our underarms prettier) is a product I’ll go out of my way to add to my shopping list. Dove Advanced Care anti-perspirant/deodorant is one of those products.

A couple weeks ago, the Dove team sent me two samples of their new deodorant, so I gave it whirl. At first, I thought, “All deodorants are the same, right?”

Boy, was I wrong.

First of all, Dove Advanced Care is the only deodorant that’s formulated with NutriumMoisture, a miraculous addition that leaves your underarms feeling softer and smoother in just three days. It also offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection and is available in eight signature Dove fragrances.

The samples I received were Nourished Beauty (a floral powdery fragrance with notes of jasmine and rose) and Revive (a fragrance of pomegranate and lemon verbena). Both smelled good enough to eat (my weird husband’s words, not mine), but my favorite was the Nourished Beauty.

After just one week of using Dove Advanced Care, my underarms look 20 years younger. The result? I’ll feel so much more confident when it comes to wearing sleeveless dresses and shirts during our summer trips to the beach and amusement parks.

Even better, I don’t have to worry about leaving white deodorant streaks on my clothes. Now if only they’d make a deodorant that does the same thing for my husband.

Want softer, smoother underarms, just follow these 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Exfoliate

  • Use a gentle exfoliating scrub or wipes to cleanse underarms and draw out impurities
  • Impurities in the underarm area can cause unwanted irritation (e.g., folliculitis/ingrown hair); exfoliation and cleansing can help to relieve this

Step 2: Rinse

  • Rinse the area with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel

Step 3: Care

  • Apply Dove® Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant with NutriumMoisture™
  • Formulated with NutriumMoisture™ to care for underarm skin
  • Provides softer, smoother underarm skin in just 3 days
  • Offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection


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  1. I have very sensitive underarms and I always use Dove. It’s the only thing that doesn’t irritate me and give me a rash!

  2. Dove is the only deodorant I can use. It has decreased my occurrences of infected glands.

  3. Jessica @EatSleepBe says:

    I agree with Robin. I have found that Dove is the only brand that works well, lasts long, and does not irritate.

  4. I love how long it lasts and that is feels great.

  5. Love dove products!!
    I have never thought to exfoliate my arm pits.
    Will have to see what a difference it will make!

  6. I love the Dove Advanced care! Not only does it keep my underarms soft, but it holds up well during my strenuous workouts!

  7. I love the Dove brand. I use it all the time. My favorite is the White scent bar of soap. It smells so clean. I love it!

  8. Dove is such a trusted name in quality products! My family likes all of Dove’s products

  9. Love Dove and the message they are branding in the women they are beautiful. ANd their products are gentle too.

  10. Love Dove products, this products sound great!

  11. I’m a big fan of Dove and love all their products.

  12. I love Dove deodorant, it’s the only kind I use anymore!

  13. I love Dove products, I use their deodorant but I have not tried the advanced care, I will have to try it!

  14. I’ve got sensitive underarms and this product is to go to for me, I love most Dove products.

  15. My Mom is a big fan of Dove products. I have never really tried them. I think I would really like the Nourished Beauty fragrance.

  16. This is the only deodorant I will use. It’s amazing.

  17. Dove’s formula is amazing. I’m not surprised by the 3 day softness at all!

  18. I have such sensitive underarms. Can’t wait to try Dove deodorant, it sounds like it might do the trick!

  19. Maria Oller says:

    I’m such a fan of dove the deodorant it’s just wonderful and so gentle with m sensitive skin! another favorite is their body wash love it!!!!

  20. I have been using Dove too – I love it!

  21. I love all Dove products! Great company!


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