It’s Cold and Flu Season and This Momma Is Fighting Back

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Our daughter started pre-school this year. She’s never been in day care, so it was her first daily, extended experience outside the home. With that mind, I was fully prepared for what that added exposure meant in terms of the likelihood of her getting colds and flus.

That preparation included eating well, sleeping well, and regular hand washing, but it also meant making sure she gets her daily vitamins. Did I expect those precautions to mean she wouldn’t get a cold or flu at all? Of course not. But I did hope that they’d give her a fighting chance at avoiding them or reducing the impact when a cold of flu did strike.

Despite my best preventative efforts, she’s come down with two colds, causing her to miss three days of school. She was eating well, getting plenty of sleep, and washing her hands regularly. Clearly, another weapon was needed in my cold and flu prevention arsenal.

That’s when I turned to Zarbee’s Naturals Mighty Bee Gummy Immune Support. Zarbees makes a variety of products that can be used for toddlers and babies as young as two months old. It’s a natural supplement for when you and your family are most susceptible to illness.

It doesn’t contain drugs, alcohol, gluten, dairy or artificial dyes. It DOES include a concentrated burst of elderberry, zinc and Vitamins A, C, D and E. It’s not designed to be a daily vitamin, but it does provide a good boost to promote normal immune function and maintain and bolster the immune system. Oh, and the kid-friendly taste and gummy form means you won’t have to struggle to get your tot to take it.

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Once you’ve got your Zarbees, here are a few other things I’ve done (and you can do) to fight colds and flu if they do strike:

  1. USE A HUMIDIFIER – A humidifier in the bedroom while your child is sleeping will help reduce the impact of congestion (and get things moving a bit) while helping your little one get the sleep they need.
  1. USE VAPOR CHEST RUBS – I use a chest rub on the chest and back when our daughter is sick, but I also rub some on the bottom of her feet under her socks. Don’t ask me why it works on the bottom of the feet, but it does!
  1. USE HONEY ELIXIRS – As many of you know, cough medicines aren’t recommended for toddlers, but a natural honey elixir can work wonders for help to reduce coughing outbreaks. Honey however is not safe for kids under 1 year old.

Of course, plenty of TLC also helps when your little one is sick, so be sure to give them plenty of that. What preventative measures do you use in your home and how do you treat colds and flu when they do strike?

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  1. You know how much I love the Nighttime Zarabees Cough Medicine with a natural sleep aid. We only lost a little sleep with the last cold. Thanks for the info! Anything to fight off winter bugs!

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