60 Halloween Costumes for the Uncrafty

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Halloween CostumesHalloween is coming soon and costumes are top of mind (after candy, of course!). Last year I partially made my daughter’s costume. She was a fairy princess, so I made the tutu and bought the rest of the pieces. I’m not crafty at all. In fact, I can barely sew a button on.

So this year, I’ve been finding so many cute DIY Halloween costumes all over Pinterest and Facebook. I thought about making the diva’s costume again, for like half a second. Then I got real and remembered the tears, time and frustration that went into her costume last year. I’m a little jealous of those crafty moms who can make their children’s costumes – but who I am I kidding, I’m not one of them.

So I started scouring the internet for a costume and guess what – there are a ton of cute ones! So for all you uncrafty, time-crunched mommas, here are 60 super cute costumes that won’t cost you any angst. There’s a wide variety for boys and girls (many are actually unisex) and most can be found in a wide range of sizes. But they’re going fast, so go check them out now!

  1. Fire Fighter Costume
  2. Orange Butterfly Costume
  3. Pink Supergirl Costume
  4. Glitter Witch Costume
  5. Monster Costume
  6. Superman Child’s Costume
  7. Thomas The Tank Costume
  8. Lamb Costume
  9. Stealth Ninja Costume
  10. Lil’ Mermaid Costume
  11. Sock Monkey Costume
  12. Toy Story Woody Costume
  13. Flower Garden Gnome Costume
  14. Sparkle Princess Costume
  15. Bumblebee Tutu Costume
  16. Triceratops Costume
  17. Kermit the Frog Costume
  18. Cookie Monster Costume
  19. Dragon Costume
  20. Cuddly Cub Costume
  21. Lil Pumpkin Pie Costume
  22. Strawberry Shortcake Costume
  23. Snow White Costume
  24. Ladybug Costume
  25. Pretty Witch Costume
  26. Scary Skeleton Costume
  27. Pink Elephant Costume
  28. Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Costume
  29. Jail Break Costume
  30. Noah Ark Lion Cub Costume
  31. Tootsie Roll Costume
  32. Pea in the Pod Costume
  33. Belle Classic Costume
  34. Elephant Costume
  35. Little Red Riding Hood Costume
  36. Butterfly Princess Costume
  37. Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Costume
  38. Flower Costume
  39. Noah Ark Precious Wabbit Costume
  40. The Flinstones Bamm-Bamm Costume
  41. Scooby-Doo Costume
  42. Frilly Elmo Costume
  43. Puppy Costume
  44. Froggy Costume
  45. Popeye Costume
  46. Jolly Giraffe Costume
  47. Dora The Explorer Boots Costume
  48. Shark Costume
  49. Tinkerbell Twinkle Costume
  50. Disney Jake And The Neverland Pirates Jake Costume
  51. Pirate Princess Costume
  52. What a Hoot Owl Costume
  53. Hot Dog Costume
  54. Precious Peacock Costume
  55. Abraham Lincoln Costume
  56. Silly Safari Unicorn Costume
  57. Everlast Boxer Costume
  58. Dr. Seuss Cat In Hat Costume
  59. Papa Smurf Costume
  60. Monkey Costume

Which is your favorite?

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  1. The sock monkey costume is my FAVORITE! I saw it a few years ago in a store ad, but didn’t have the money to buy it :(> I think my 3 year old is getting too big to wear it, but I wish they came in my size! lol

  2. Love those costumes…babies are so cute all the time, but especially dressed up.

  3. I’m really liking the tootsie roll! It’s a favorite candy around here, so it may become a favorite costume too! Thanks for sharing this awesome list!

  4. Haha! Love the Abe Lincoln one!


  5. I love the Monkey. We saw it at the store, and my toddler started making monkey noises, so that may be his pick for this year!

  6. Love the jailbird. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I am so not crafty, although I have tried on occasion–and failed miserably. This is a great resource!

  8. These are absolutely adorable!

  9. We had a little giraffe one year!

  10. I really like the sock monkey!!! These are great ideas!

  11. I love the Tootsie Roll costume. SO cute.

  12. We always buy our costumes. Because honestly you can buy them much cheaper than making them. Material and embellishments are not cheap. Plus, a week later the costumes are all thrown in the bottom of the toy box anyway. lol

  13. Thanks for this list of ideas! I was just thinking I need to figure out our costumes, and coming from you, this seems a little less overwhelming 🙂

  14. Pinned it, checking out Link’n Blogs. Thanks for the fun exchange.


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