Meet Stella the Boxer

I’m Stella, a one-year-old brindle boxer. My humans say I am a super silly and sweet girl. I love long walks, tennis balls, yummy treats and my 5-year-old sister. I love playing and snuggling, but can get into trouble sometimes when I get overly lovey. My humans love me dearly and I love them.


Me as a puppy. People say “awww” a lot when they see me. I’m not sure what it means, but I like it and give them a butt wiggle when they do.


Stella 7 weeks

This is the day my humans made me a part of their family. My mommy is snuggly!



Here I am playing with another one of my favorite toys…sticks! I try to take them inside, but mommy won’t let me.



There is nothing greater in my life than playing with a squeaky tennis ball!



Me all growed up! My humans say it’s hard to get a clear picture of me because I am always in motion.